[Archive] Playmobil's Chaos Dwarfs!


This week-end we had a little party for my son’s birthday. My brother, who plays Beastmen and played Lizardmen before, found a really cool toy for him (my son…) :

It’s a new box. And imagine our surprise when we look at the photo and saw… 2 dwarfs !!! Yes, Playmobil dwarfs ! And the one on the right is clearly not a vanilla one ! :smiley:

Chaos Dwarfs will rule every fantasy game one day !


That looks sweet! I think I’ll have to buy this for my son. He’s always the perfect excuse for me to buy toys I like. :smiley:

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:


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Ha, that`s great.

That reminds me of a con where they played playmobil battles with tabletop rules on a 6 x 6 m square.