[Archive] PLEASE! I need Sisters of Battle Immolator (2nd ed) the old one



I’ve have finally finished my CD army and now I am trying to finish my Sisters of Battle aka Adepta Sororitas list.

I need 3 of the original 2nd ed Immolators. I just need the top gun piece with the sister and the TL M-M or TL Heave Flamers. I am building a very unique sisters army the will be used in tournaments, which is rare because we are not a popular army.

I have paypal and I am a respected member on ebay.

I love this site. I love you people. Please help me if you can

:hat off Thanks,



No body? I am willing to pay or trade. I know someone must have it. Why all the looks but no response??


Sorry, I have a small sisters army with 1 immolater but I’m guessing, as with most of us out here, I’m just not willing to part with it.