[Archive] Point leftovers


As the name suggests I am working towards completing my 2000pts mark of CD.

As both my reguar opponents are fairly new to the fantasy (converted em from 40k :)) im playing some smaller point battles with them as they create their armies, one Wood Elf the other Ogre Kingdoms.

So far I have lost more than I have won (am I boverd?) due to my most regular opponent being a woodie (500pts woodelves are fairly hard to beat).

So as they build their armies I can play them with my new army.

The dilema is that I have points leftover, the rest of my army is fairly complete I just have a little niche left needing filling.

My existing army has


1x CD Sorc Lord

1x CD Sorc

1x CD Hero

1x Super Ninja Hobgoblin


25x CD Warriors

30x CD BB

48x Hobbos (2 units of 24)

24x Shooty Hobbos (2 units of 12)


1x BThrower

1x Death Rocket


1x Hellcannon (im allowed to use it in my store :hashut)

Im currently at 1843pts

I was deliberating between

Another Slave support unit of

12 Orc Big 'Uns (Additional Choppas) Boss, Musician - 152 pts


A small protective unit for my sorc

12 CD Warriors (GW) Champ, Musician - 152pts

If I did this unit I would make them all bighats, as rest of my army is mask/helm to mark them out as high guard or something.

Could anyone help me spend my leftovers, any other ideas for units would be appreciated.

P.S - And any advice on how to defeat those treehugging elves at 500pts wood(see the pun there :~) be apprecitated too (he uses WE battalion boxed set minus one unit of glade guard, with spellsinger) :mad


Id go for an orc unit to soak up some damage. Not sure Id make them Big’Uns since 12 Big’Uns wouldnt really be worth it. They would never make it to combat and even if they did they would be to few to do much damage.

Also if you were to take a protective unit for your Sorc there would be no point in them having a Champion since the unit really shouldnt get into CC. Save the points and buy some upgrades for your mainstay units. Of course you may already have done this but it isnt shown in the list so I dont know.

- Tallhat


With that many points you could go for a big unit of orc boyz with add choppas but your dilemma would be better approached with wolfboyz for flanking countering his manouvarability .:hat


well to begin with there a lotsa problems with the list… heck its not even legal as there are only 2 core…
drop your CD hero for another sorceror… split the BB unit into two grops of 15… ah legality…
the hellcannon is pants especially against wood elfs… with their high Ld…
run an earthshaker… or even 2… and with the point saved here… yes points saved…
get a decent unit of regular boyz… 25 with add HW and command…


Sorry, I didnt set the list as it was just a basic run down of what I have and accidently missed some stuff out, and yes the BB are in 2 groups of 15, I didnt want to post full list as that would belong in the armylist section, I was more concerned with how to fill in the remaining points. :hat off

I like the idea of normal Orc Boyz as converting Hobgoblin Wolfriders from the new night goblins makes my mind boggle (I use snot style hobbos with nazi style and samurai helmets with a smiley face inprint :cheers)

Im using the hellcannon simply because I have the model (love it) and as he takes a lot of flyers (yes I know earthshakers slow flyers). I cant wait til he reaches 2000pts thinks ahha big cannon unprotected, lets charge warhawks and great eagle hero into it. Result will be messy. And sadly enough the Hellcannon is the strongest melee fighter available to a CD, IMHO :hashut