[Archive] Polish Team Championships report


Last weekend we had, I think, one of the biggest tournaments in Europe - 46 teams, 230 players, team championships.

Armies in my squad:

Chaos Dwarfs (mine)

Eshin (with master assassin&fellblade, 3 sorcerers, manflayers)

WE (2 treemen, normal highborn)

VC (with drakenhoff banner on BKs)

HE (stardragon, battle banner, DP and 4 eagles).

First battle.

Pairings: Eshin-Dwarfs, WE-O&G, VC-Skaven, HE-Bret.

I got VCs with drakenhoff and BKs. And I must say, I had no chance at all. With their ethereal movement not cut by shakers, regeneration, and two units of bats, the only thing I did was shooting down varghulf. A battle without history, I got massacred. On other tables, WE lost 5-15 to O&G (8 dryads lost when charging on flank of a bare ng unit, and the whole flank with heroes went away), HE lost 0-20 (with stardragon failing a panic test and flying into a rock), Eshin lost 6-14 and VC won 19-1. And off we go to the lower tables!

Second battle.

Pairings: Eshin-Dwarfs (again), WE-HE, VC-DE, HE-Ogres

Me… Vampires again!:h . But with a easier roster - lord on a hellsteed, ghouls, skeletons, grave guards, wraiths and a coach, without bats!. His general didn’t make a single move for the whole game, safe in a forest. He went first. His only wolf unit got closer to bulk of my forces and my machines on a hill. Unfortunately, bullcentaur failed a fear check when trying to charge them, and they ate a bolt thrower, then got killed by earthshaker crew. Meanwhile, sorcerer lord tried to cast pit of shades on the coach, miscast, two 6s, IF, but failed to hit on 4+. Death rocket did hit, but glanced off the ward save. But I can always count on bolt throwers - it took two to send the chariot to afterlife. Wraiths, which were the thing I feared the most, did nothing, just ate my second shaker and a BT. GG unit was absorbed by two naked hobbo units, which fled and then rallied on 6 (out of 12 Ld test on 6, I failed only two!). Skeletons ate my two BTs in a forest, overruned near the edge of the table. Ghouls did the same with BB unit. In my turn, I used unseen lurker to flank charge them with hobbos. They killed them, got lurked again into skeletons, and killed them too. That’s about 400 points won by a 100-point greenskin unit! Nearby, a big ghoul unit (about 35 with a vampire) charged another hob unit, broke them, and pursued out off the table. Next turn, got shot from BBs, shaker, rocket, two BTs and some magic, decimating them to about 13. They charged the BB unit, but killed one too little to have outnumber. I held, them charging with the warrior unit with +8 static cr. Ghouls went puff! in a round. Victory! 11-9. On other tables, VCs won with DE 11-9 after their general got killed by a double 1 miscast, eshin won 12-8, HE triumphed over OK 18-2, and WE had a draw.

The rest three battles to come:)