[Archive] Possible Destroyer models


I am considering using a soul grinder or maybe a carnifex. What do you guys think?


Well the Grinder just made it’s way into Fantasy for the Daemons, so you’d have to do some pretty extensive converting to make it not just look like one of those. Could be a good base for a model though.

As for the Carnifex, I’m one of the people that don’t like using Tyranid models as the basis for conversions because they have SUCH a distinctive style that they always just look like 'Nids. That said, I know that not everyone shares that opinion, so if you really like the bugs, go for it, but I’d recommend using a Trygon as the basis for a conversion rather than the Fex. It’ll be bigger, more imposing, and more dynamic.


I’ll be using the Blood Maw Vore from Banelegions, just got and assembled it the other day.


If you’re considering a soulgrinder, then take a look first at some FW models like the bloodslaughterer of khorne…





A bloodslaughterer with a taurus head would be a great destroyer!

P.S. and a greasy smockey chimney of course! :hat off


thanks for the suggestions. i have a lot of models to paint before im thinking about destroyer and hopefully by that time FW will release what they think it should look like

Kera foehunter:

This is my best Destroyer model…

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