[Archive] Possible Destroyer


Was batting ideas around with GW staffer for Destroyer conversions, and he suggested Warsphinx GS into giant bull centaur, possibly with arms off Ghorgon. Obviously using GS to cover up some detail and make more obvious armour plates.

What do people think?


i think it could look quite neat, but imo another threads suggestion of using gorghon and stonehorn bits could fit a bit better. that said, waiting for the wf model is probably the cheaper option!


I was going to do something similar but it was to expensive so i went to my toy shop and made this

Still WIP… but only cost me like £10 for the whole thing


Epic potato monster. I really like it (not joking). Then again, I generally like round stuff


I generally like round stuff

:D :D


I generally like round stuff

:D :D

Hehehe +1


How would you like this one as Destroyer?

It is from pegaso models and horribly expensive, it is 20 cm tall.

An other possibility for half the price from Tabletop-art.eu:


Those are insane!

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Would dearly love to try me on that Pegaso Minotaur, but 160-170�,� is very much money for one model.


That Pegaso minotaur is quite intricately detailed. It looks not to be so much a wargaming miniature as a tabletop statuette. Looking at the muscle detail and the rippling flesh, there must be a fold of skin carved in this for every euro of its cost.


@ DAGabriel. those look too tall and such. Don’t forget, one of the key terms is that K’Daii are a construct that now has a fire daemon bound to it.


I had that pegaso Minotaurus at one stage, it’s just unfeasible huge for gaming, but feels good to have anyway :wink:


Another interesting one from Andrea Miniatures:

Uru the juggernaut

And another one, this time from Enigma: