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Hi all.

I know I kind of disappeared towards the end of last year, but I had to move to Scotland for my new job.  Hopefully, what I have discovered there will make up for my disappearance…

My new job is working for the miniature manufacturer Scotia Grendel Productions, and one of the perks of the job is that I get to browse through the entire range of models on a daily basis.  I have found a few resin models in the Grendel range (originally for a game system called Leviathan) which could possibly be converted for our nefarious purposes and the further glory of Hashut.

The first items are some Dwarf Mortars, one of which was mounted on a war machine, the other part of a siege gun boxed set.  Following a bit of pleading on my part, they are due to be released on the 11th March 2008 in packs of three (I couldn’t convince anyone to get them produced individually, I’m afraid).  Here are some pictures to show scale against my CD sorcerer based on BFSP cannon crew.



I reckon that with a little bit of conversion work, they could make nice Earthshaker cannons.

Also, there is a selection of what are called MkII War Golems available.  They are quite large, and I feel could form the basis of a Kollossus conversion.  If I can snaffle one, I’ll post a pic for everyone’s enjoyment and delectation, as there is no picture on the Scotia Grendel site yet.

If I find any other useful bits and bobs for conversions, I’ll let you know.




Nice - and I like your sorcerer as well. What is the link to the company site itself?


They look like they’d work really well, any other angles?

P.S. excellent sorcerer conversion!


Hello again folks.

@ Khan! - Glad you liked the sorcerer :slight_smile: The Scotia Grendel site can be found here. The section of the site these mortars are in is: Grendel>Fantasy Equipment and War Machines

@ Cornixt - Here are some more views of the mortars.  Please try to ignore the chaos spiky bits/shield, etc. that I’ve added to the wheeled one.  Currently shaving off resin around the wheels, and trying to decide whether to keep the originals or replace them…





Kera foehunter:

Great canons .and i like the cd dwarf he so cool