[Archive] Possible great Chaos Dwarf hero


new evil looking dwarf coming soon from http://www.fouraminiatures.com/index.htm

lose the crossbow and perhaps evil-up the sword and he would look great!


Thanks, Starscream.

Looks nice! A very ‘Chronopia Blood Bone Dwarf’-look, but still very, very nice :smiley: Wonder, if his just as small as the Chronopia ones. Hopefully they will do some more.

Border Reiver:

Nice look, but he needs a bigger beard and a hat. Still, there is always GS.


He certainly making up for his lack of height by carrying that massive sword :slight_smile:


He would make a very good battle standard bearer actually. He’s even got the cloven hoof boots.


Found a bit more info about this at LAF.

Seems to be another one - a more ‘ranger’ type of guy - but still very cool:

I have more Dwarves sitting waiting to go off to the mould makers once I get some spare cash.They will be getting some little green guy’s to fight soon too.More on that at a later date though .

manic_miner@lead adventure forum
Seems like, there will be more :smiley:


Yeah quite nice minis - like clam always mentioned it’s a cool Chronopian Style! :smiley:



@ starscream: it’s a nice model, though I’m not really wowed by the sword. And his beard does need to be a bit bigger, indeed :slight_smile:


I bought a few of this guys sci fi minis at Border Reiver last year. Nice minis and a nice guy, turned out we had met a few years ago at a friends wedding.


I was guided to stunties.com yesterday to see Andrew Coleman’s (the guy behind Four A miniatures) newest additions to this range of dwarfs.

Being fan of Chronopia dwarfs - and as I think that some of us will find them useful as evil dwarfs - I totally nicked them from Kev’s awesome site to show them here as well (hope he’ll forgive me :rolleyes:)

Source: http://www.stunties.com/wiki/index.php/Four_A_miniatures

As said I like them - and the leader is my favourite of these 4.

According to Andrew, they should become available early next year.


aha, I’d wondered where this thread went to. I bought one of these dwarfs and converted him to a CD hero.

Whattya think?


i like him, I dub him ‘…I HAVE THE POWER!’


Excellent conversion.

Da Crusha:

Im not a fan of chronopia dwarfs (I thought it was one at first) but It actually looks quite nice.