[Archive] Possible Idea: Break Army into 2 Army Lists


but the true problem with hegemony fluff is...
if the Khans are so vast an powerful and command the worlds largest army...
why do they stand for the domination of their kindred by the chaos dwarf?
why are they not at constant war with zharr naggrund... instead of bouncing off the walls of Cathay?
these two fluffs cannot stand side by side...

Unless you consider the forces at play and the nature of the greenskin races. How often do the greenskins of even the same race particularly put their necks out to help each other?... Well... not very often, yes?
Furthermore, to hit Zhar Naggrund would also mean charging through the Mountains of Mourn in great numbers. Do you know what lives there? It is one thing to do it if you have a small party or a caravan (Hobgoblins apparently DO know how to get from the western to eastern world and back), but marching a substantially large force through to try to crush the Chaos Dwarves would be inviting an ambush by Ogres... and then by Chaos... and possibly the undead... Honestly, would a race that has the traits you describe keep doing that or simply keep harrassing the humans?...
Next, what would Hobgobala Khan gain by freeing his kin from under their enslavement by the Chaos Dwarves? The Black Orcs still have little love for them and the majority of the Orcs and Goblins are under the flag of the Black Orcs. The Hobgoblins had good reason to choose serving the Chaos Dwarves over the Black Orcs and certainly others of the race would be able to understand the reason. The only thing Hobgoblins who live outside the protection of the Chaos Dwarves get to be amongst the greenskin races of the Darklands is an occassional blacksmith. Otherwise they tend to be crushed under far worse slave labor than they get under the Chaos Dwarves. And, ultimately, if Hobgobala Khan cleared a path between his land and the Darklands he'd have to deal with endless WAAAGHs at his back. Ultimately there is just not nearly as much to gain from attacking Zharr Naggrund as there is attacking Cathay.
Also, the Chaos Dwarves probably pay off Hobgobala Khan's forces the same way they do the Ogres, Orcs, Chaos and anyone else they suspect might be in a position to wipe them out (and isn't a normal Dwarf).
and as you are on a CD site you will find little sympathy for the contradicting DoW fluff...
these are clearly 2 different types of hobgoblins... one savage and fearsome the other sneaky and cowardly...
they cannot be the same race...

Your definition of race and breadth of view is disturbingly narrow. You may as well be claiming that the Skaven can't be mutants AND plague rats AND great technological engineers AND sneaky assasins.
Or that the Night Goblins can't both be good shamans AND decent against Dwarves AND good at raising squigs.

Quite simply while there is reason to believe that the two tribes have little contact, there is no reason not to believe that basically all the types of units found in one list would apply equally well to the other. There might be an emphasis on calvary, which I accounted for above, but beyond that the race is still universally sneaky, underhanded and cunning. The only difference is that the Monguld ones have their own armies and dress better.


i think itz cute that you believe this sub race of greenskin is that wide and diverse…

i wish you luck with your endeavours…


Are you seriously that ignorant or are you being sarcastic?

---So I missed the miniscule piece of fluff hidden in the depths of the online store. That bit wasn't even in the entry in the Dogs of War army list. I made the comment because, frankly, I didn't see any space for them on the World map. The poster-sized World map I have shows no space between Cathay and the Marauder tribes of the East. There is a big wall there, in fact (go figure). There are older maps that look quite a bit different in that area, though.
There is absolutely nothing in the 5th edition book that says that the Hobgoblins are universally dominated.

Trying to erase existing fluff because you want your evil stunties to be more dominant than they ever have been is just... well... dumb.

---Man, Gods of Chaos have been erased. The fluff for Warhammer is so incredibly mutible you could blink and miss an edit. I feel absolutely no shame for having missed the pieces of fluff you mentioned. Chaos Dwarf own most of the Darklands. That is pretty dominant, I have to say.

---Go ahead, make the army list. I can't see a whole lot of room for variety in a list of light cavalry, and I don't know anything about the fluff you have mentioned, but if you can make something of them then go ahead.