[Archive] Possible lammasu conversions from new HE chariot!


Look at these lions! They scream to be winged and used as lammasu/manticores, don’t they? They have beards and all, and will be plastic!


- Kyte


Sweet mother of Norris…thats FRICKIN AWSOME!!!

Where did you get that pic from? Are there more?

I know what im buying with my birthday money (i dont even like elves), hopefully there will be a baddass one that the general rides :cheers


hey, your right, i was thinking od using it for dark elf cold ones, but lammasu’s a good idea, hope there bigger than horse size

Ghrask Dragh:


All that work and they go and do this, looks good though!


Wowser, looks like someone at GW has finally pulled their finger out and had some decent ideas for once.


I wouldn’t mind converting my own [[Lammasu]], bwahaha!


Wow, those are pretty cool! They remind me of an old, short-lived Transformer spin off from my youth. They were lions and bears decked out in some kind of tech armour, that didn’t transform but had something attached to them that did… Anyone remember what I’m talking about? Anyways, boo high elves yay lions!


Nice lions think i may have to have one of those :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Actually, that’s one of the few recent models that I’m impressed by. I may have to buy it, still a lion for lammasu, convert the other into something else (maybe a hobgoblin boss’ “wolf”) and sell the chariot to my HE friend.

Uzkul Werit:

Damn you Kyte! You beat me to making the thread!

Anyway, if I did use the Lammasu then this’d be it. The Loins remind me of the old Manticore. The very small one. On a side note, the one Elf on the chariot looks like he’s sitting down instead of riding it!


I actually think he is sitting down…the youths of today…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I like the dynamics of that model… is it indeed from GW?? o.O


Yerp, new high elves, and they get all plastic eltes (plastic white lions and swordmasters ans such) only metals being some characters, but hey, I need hmmm, about 40 of those lions

Uzkul Werit:

What size do we reckon on those lions? Perhaps the size of an Ogre?


They look horse sized to me ,imagine on of the crew sitting on top he’d be slightly larger due to the perspective of the pic:hat


it’s too bad no HE player will be using the chairot with horses, otherwise we’d be able to pillage their lions…


it's too bad no HE player will be using the chairot with horses, otherwise we'd be able to pillage their lions..
Haha, if only.
Hopefully a few weeks after they come out we'll be able to order the lions seperately.


most of the new sets have the single folded up sprue, so unfortunatly I wouldn’t bet on it. But, plastic chariot? it’ll probably be like $20 or something. So $10 a Lammasu? Worth it.

thyrk the butcher:

omg omg omg omg:0 i also collect high elves that is the best one i have ever seen definite lammasu


new lion chariot nearly out, bottom right of the specials!:hat off


funny that the US website has been updated but not the UK one…