[Archive] Possible Mention in Dark Elf armybook

Ancient History:

At one eastern capital, mystics called up strange illusions and beastly apparitions to assail the Dark Elves as they stormed the towers protecting the city. Malekith unleashed his own serceries, driving the mystics insane and boiling the blood in their veins. The city was little more than a ruin when Malekith left, and as a last contemptuous act, he summoned up a great wave to drown the remains. The broken domes of shrines and the walled steps of the great pyramid temple still break the waves at low tide, and ominous reminder of the Witch King's power.
Now, there's no direct reference I can find between the Druchii and Dawi'Zharr, this one passage is interesting. It doesn't fit the Tomb Kings or the Lizardmen, which means its either an unknown Eastern civilization (possibly related to Ind) or a Chaos Dwarf port-city. Problematically, it doesn't describe cannons or anything sort of volcanic magic, but spells like Shadow of Hashut would definitely fit the bill.


Besides Ind, it could also fit somewhere in Cathay and/or Nippon. These lands are scarcely documented after all.


Sounds more like Cathay to me.  Didn’t a Black Ark beach itself there for a while?

Only place you could get some decent waves is to attack Uzkulak.


PHil Kelly did say there were mentions of the Chaos Dwarves in the upcoming army books.


I can’t say what I know about this sutff, but luckily, someone else has:



Wow, a well thought-out blog on GW. Not many of those around.

I don’t think the DE reference is about CDs. If it said “ziggurat” rather than the more generic “pyramid” then they’d be a much stonger suggestion.


sounds like ind

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Wow, a well thought-out blog on GW.  Not many of those around.

I don't think the DE reference is about CDs.  If it said "ziggurat" rather than the more generic "pyramid" then they'd be a much stonger suggestion.

Well, in the Old world there are only two mentions of pyramids. tomb kings and lizardmen.. And this story is not even close to either of those army locals.

Perhaps, as Phil mentioned, the hints of Chaos Dwarvess would be subtle and not so much in your face.


I have to say, optimistic though I am, that the city doesn’t sound much like Chaos Dwarfs. Nippon, Cathay, or Ind would be a much closer fit, especially with the references to domed shrines.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, for starters, it says Eastern capital. Therefore, it couldn’t be us, as our capital hasn’t been taken over. Secondly, it says mystics, which inclines me to believe it’s further from the CDs. Ind sounds appropriate due to Shamanism and similar things, but Araby also makes sense (it’s in the desert and pyramids are good defences against sand) and mystic and djinni’s seems to coincide. Also, Araby religion seems to focus around mosqu-like buildings which, if I remember rightly, have minarets (towers, domed too) and the main building would likely have a dome. However, this might imply a great inland lake (can you have an offshore lake? He he he.) or the capital would have to be near a coastline.

Just realised, that lake would have to be very large to be affected by tides :wink: