[Archive] Post 1700!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I looked over at my post count and I’ve made 1700 today! 300 more and I will be at 2000!

(Don’t worry. I won’t make 300 posts for at least 5 months!)


Congratulations.  Crack open a barrel of ale and let’s celebrate. :cheers


1700 post?wow thats a lot of time spend on cdo


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, it did take me from October 2008…


(Don't worry. I won't make 300 posts for at least 5 months!)

Tarrakk Blackhand
I'm with you there. My own rate of posting has decreased substantially. I think I reached 5,000 a year ago and I'm just getting close to 6,000 that comes up to about 2.48 a day.

Life is conspiring against me these days... ;)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Try having 2 baby girls! :smiley: