[Archive] Post-Disaster Sale (updated 8/20/2014)


Updated my for sale items!

For Sale:

$55 Tamurkhan Book (US Only due to shipping costs)

SOLD - 10 Harquebuss Dwarves of Fire Canyon, built and painted

SOLD - 10 Harquebuss DoFC unbuilt

$1.5 each - 40 Goblin Archers (circa early 90’s, NOT Night Goblins) Painted

$1 each -48 Goblin Archers same as above, unpainted

$75 - 20 Chaos Dwarf Axe Warriors with Full Command Painted

$125 - 37 Chaos Dwarf Axe Warriors with Full Command, generally unpainted, some with shields

SOLD Forgeworld Bull Centaurs (Reserved/Sold)

SOLD Forgeworld K’daai Fireborn (Reserved/Sold)

$55 - 1 K’daai Destroyer professionally converted

SOLD 2 Hellcannons, metal, unpainted/based full crew for each

$12 each - 3 Forgeworld Daemonsmiths pro-painted

SOLD - 1 Forgeworld Deathshriekers painted

$25 - 1 Forgeworld Deathshrieker primed (missing two crewman)

$30 - 1 Forgeworld Magma Cannons primed

$30 - 1 Forgeworld Magma Cannons unassembled

$15 - 5 Goblin Wolf Riders built painted

$70 1 Forgeworld Bale Taurus no rider version pro-painted

DISCOUNTS Available for Large Orders

I will only take Paypal, but I will ship anywhere in the world provided you are willing to pay shipping costs. To avoid getting shipping quotes for small orders, all shipping will cost a minimum of $5 USD.

For now I have pictures of quite a lot of things in the Army Blog forum under The Struggles of TheFNG. YOu can find them here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=14093

If you’d like pictures of anything please let me know.


Pm sent (about K’daai only)


Not interested in buying. But I will bump your thread and more importantly.

Good luck, hope you get through whatever difficulties have hit you and your family. Sad too see an army go, but when it’s about family it’s not even a question about priority.

Get well.


Sad to see you part with it, and I wish you the best in the private life.

GL with the sales!

Fuggit Khan:

You guys have been an awesome community, and I am going to continue to post here as I love the CDs and I hope to be back playing them once my financials are sorted out.  Thanks guys and ladies!

Hoping that everything works out for you...and I'm glad to see you will continue to post here. Your advice on tactics, army lists, magic item combo's, etc are great.
You had my nomination and vote for Best General...well deserved!


PM sendt

Best of luck


Hey do you got any picks?


what specifically would you like pictures of? there are pictures of the whole army and some units contained within my army blog. :slight_smile:

if you want something specific then I will get that for you.


PM sent

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Hi were do you live?

To bad you have to sell but family comes first of course.

Wolf :

PM sent.

Hope everything works out.


PM sent

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PM sent for DS, Fireborn and BC


PM sent about the hellcanon/s



Thanks for your interested. I was enjoying the 4th of July (US Independence Day) weekend and came back to a number of requests. Please give me a day to go through your messages. Thank you.


PM sent!

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Multiple PM’s sent over 10 days - heard nothing yet.

Wolf :

Is this really a Disaster??? Disaster means:

"a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources."

sure you don’t mean:

“I’m a little short of change, anyone interested in buying some of my old models?”.

If it was serious you would have responded to us.

P.S I’m no longer interested, good luck though eBay might be a good option.


Guys stop being salty. Sometimes real life have tl have your attention. We don’t know about his life, so lets just stay friendly and in good spirits

Wolf :

@Malorndk: To be honest I sent a PM weeks ago and was disappointed to see a message saying sorry for late replies I was celebrating 4th July.

However, you are right and I apologise for my saltiness.