[Archive] Post-Disaster Sale (updated 8/20/2014)


No harm done Wolf.

I’m waiting for a reply myself so I understand your frustration :wink:


I would just like to make 2 remarks. One, this thread is MONTHS old, so anyone waiting on a reply from me, I’m sorry that I’m as timely as you’d like, but my moment of crisis was months ago.

Also, not that I need to share, but I don’t think that $14,000 worth of flood damage to my house is a problem with not enough spare coin. Yes, I’d say it qualifies as a disaster. Luckily, it is one that is slowly being fixed.

I’m sorry Wolf that you did not receive a prompt response from me. Also, that goes for anyone else. But because this is months old and I had to find alternative means to repair this situation for my family, I am not paying attention to this forum each and every day. Apparently, because I leave my browser set up to be logged in (I don’t remember my password so this saves me a lot of trouble) I appear online in the forum settings. Sorry for this as well.

Bottom line, I appreciate all of the interest, but it is not my top priority at the moment. That said, those who have been patient, thank you. Hopefully, we’ll be completing several transactions this week and those good ol’ evil stunties will see the killing fields of Hashut much sooner than thought!


No problem man! I hadn’t realised how old this thread was, and Wolf already apologised for his saltyness, so I don’t think anybody has a problem with one another <3

14.000$ due to flood damage… That sucks!!! Hope you’ll make it through in somewhat good spirits.


Updated first post :slight_smile:



Updated the items that have sold. Thanks again Honeym and MalornDK!