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Or make one up! Here’s one of mine

Ogre Rampage

So after reading the section of the Ogre Kingdoms with the Ogre dissection, I noticed the quote “if this is the destruction a single ogre can cause…” I wrote up this little mini-scenario


One Ogre Bull

Some Empire (or other) infantry worth as many points as the opponent’s ogre bull.

Special Rules

Villagers:Since the Ogre is attacking a small settlement, only two models may have a ranged weapon (I.E. only two handgunners/crossbowmen etc.)

I knew this land since I was a lad: The villagers have explored almost every single acre of their village. Before Deployment, the defender can set up all the terrain however he/she wishes.

Raargh!: The Ogre attacking the village is in need of food (thus he sought out the local thinling village!) and MUST pursue, even if he kills the entire unit.

Skirmish: All models must skirmish.

To The Last: The Defender wins if the Ogre is killed. The Ogre player wins when every villager is dead (or eaten).

hopefully we’ll see some interesting scenarios!


I was in a 4 person 1k game and the objective was to kill the 4 greater daemons in the center, all of which had stats of bloodthirsters and were masters at one lore of magic. another one was that we has roaming terrain in the shape of sheep heards that counted has dificult if we moved through them. those were the games that really got me playing.

Border Reiver:

My personal favourite is actually one of the Warhammer Ancient Battles scenarios from their “Vlad the Impaler” sourcebook called “Terror in the night”  I adopted it for WFB and a campaign we ran on Warhammer Realm a while ago:

This is my scenario for the Malko Forest area:

Terror in the Night[/size]

The Defenders of Tor Eranon have been falling back for days looking for a spot to bring the Invaders to battle.  The forest of Malko has not been kind to the defenders preventing them from doing more than harassing their foes, but their leader is determined to strike hard at the enemy’s head, and will lead a fast-moving strike force at the enemies camp, hoping to catch the enemy general in his bed.  

Forces involved:  The attacker chooses his army using the normal rules to an agreed points value.  The Defender than chooses his army to a points value equal to 1.5 times the points available to the attacker.  For example if the attacker has 2,000 points then the Defender may choose up to 3,000 points.

Terrain:  The field is set up in a mutually agreeable manner.  There should a tent in the exact centre of the field to represent the general’s tent.


1.  The Defender’s Deployment zone is an 18" square in the centre of the board (larger games may require you to increase the size of the square);

2.  The Attacker notes secretly where he will deploy his units, which will be placed not closer than 8" to the camp boundary;

3.  The Defender then places his troops, with the model for the general in his tent;

4.  The Attacker then deploys his army according to the notes from step 2.  It is suggested that the notes be written down and revealed to the defender when the Attacker deploys to ensure the perception of fairness.

5.  Scouts may not deploy using their special rules in this scenario.

Who goes first:  The Attacker is launching a surprise attack and goes first.

Victoryconditions:  Calculate VPs in the normal manner, except that there are no VPs for Table Quarters.  Killing the enemy general gives +300 VPs instead of the usual +100 VPs.

Special Rules:

Night Fighting - All Missile troops are at -1 to hit for shooting and all ranges are reduced to 12" for long range due to low light conditions (Undead, Daemons, Chaos Dwarfs, Night Goblins, Dwarfs, Dark Elves and Skaven ignore this, as they are used to fighting in the dark).  If a spell has a specific range, then it is reduced to 12".  The General’s Ld radius and the radius of a BSB’s effect are reduced to 6" to reflect the low light conditions.

Lightning Raid - The Attacker may declare charges on turn 1.  The Defender may only elect to Hold as a charge reaction (for the first turn only).

Border Reiver
I’ve done that scenario as a Bret player (and did not pray, which allowed me to charge on turn 1).


Uhm, could you have found a smaller font for that title? I think I’ve gone blind after trying to read it.

Border Reiver:


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Border Reiver
Thank you, kind sir, you are a gentleman, a scholar and a fine judge of strange women. :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Boarder Reaver…YOU ROCK! I have that exact same book and have been trying to figure a way to adapt that scenario. (My heritage being Romanian.) ThanX for taking the “Thinking” out of it for me.:smiley:

The thing I can never really figure out with that book and the older LOTR’s books is how big the tables and battle fields are suppose to be. Some don’t give any clues as to size.


I tried the sixth ed scenario last year that featured seven bretonnian heroes vs 1500 points of goblins. It was really cool, and alternated between being absurdly difficult and stupidly easy. Bolt throwers and fanatics were way scarier than normal. Lots of fun and very silly.


I’ll have to get back from spring break first, but there are home brewed scenarios that are hillarious.

The first one whose name comes to mind “GET THE HIPPIE!”…

Lots of humor involved.

Border Reiver:

The 7 Knights scenario is a really fun one - I used 5 Bret characters and my boy used 1500 points of orcs and goblins. This is probably the only time that a virtue of discipline (making you stubborn, but unable to join a unit) is useful.

Auretious Taak:

My mate Alex who posts here once in a blue moon now as something or other is doing a 300 themed campaign against his brother. 300 Dwarf Heroes/Lords verse well…you can imagine, drawn from everywhere. Can’t remember the specifics but it is basically a whole bunch of little scenarios and crazy crazy big fun. :slight_smile: