[Archive] Potential Blunderbuss Figures

Father Grumpmas:

I recently bought some of these guys from RAFM miniatures to use as Blunderbusses

They are sort of WWI influenced dwarfs but they mix really well with 3rd/4th edition figures like the swivel guns and bazookas. The pointed helmets give them a chaotic look and it is defintely a blunderbuss style gun they have. They aren’t wearing heaps of armour but some of the coats seem to have amour plates on them.

They aren’t slotta-base but the bases are small and thin and would be easily covered by texture on the base.

I also noticed that French company Fenryll, who produce 28mm figures in resin, have what looks like their own version of the Tenderiser (The Dwarf Hammer Machine). Not as good but still quite fun looking


RAFM makes really cool mini, for example their scarecrows. i didn’t know these dwarfs, are they still in stores?

the tenderizer is cool too, but is a little bit to simple… a plate with wheels and a hammer… everyone could build this on his own :slight_smile:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

the blunderbusses look’s cool but i think they lack a small amount of drawfyness

Hashut’s Blessing:

The blundebusses look similar to the mini-mortar come grenade launching bell that the Empire outriders can use. Another excuse for the BBs is that the armour they wear is obviously under their trenchcoats :smiley: They do look cool, but I’m not sure that they’re quite CDy enough for my tastes. Each to their own of course. Maybe if you do the old beard swap and painted the rune on their coats or something. Just to make them look a little less Western Dwarfish… If I wereto use them as CDs, it’d either be by doing that or by having the rest of the army as Western Dwarfs and using the CD rules.

The Tenderiser type machine: as stated above, it looks very simple, by the sculpting of the crew and hammer are very nice, althoiugh a lot of the hammer is probably down to paintwork as well. IMO, sometimes, simple is better :smiley: It’d be cooler if it were lobbing hammers that size, which is what I thought at first with a quick glance :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Great find Father Grumpmas i like the dwarf hammer machine


With the proper amount of GS these could work as Blundies. They seem a bit too tall thou.