[Archive] Practice army for one dayer then others 2250


Hi guys, well I’ve compiled my army list for this tournament which is to commemorate the death of gaming stalwart here in OZ:cheers. This list is practice for a larger tournament held in October which attracts guys from all over the country. This will be my first time with CD’s and the competition will hopefully show me a few things before I decide on the list for the next one. So here it is:

Lord, Hammer of Hashut, Armour of the Furnace, Taurus 443pts

Hero, (general) Armour of Gazrakh 90pts

2 x Level 2 Sorcerers, 1 dispel scroll each. 250pts

19 x Dwarf warriors, HW/GW/HA/SH, STD/MUS/CH 239pts

19 x Dwarf Warriors, HW/GW/HA/SH, STD/Mus/CH 239pts

2 x 15 Blunderbuss 360pts

17 x Hobgoblins, LA/SH, 68pts

10 x Hobgoblins with bows 50pts

10 x Hobgoblin Wolfriders, LA/SH/Bows, Mus 170pts

2 x Bolt throwers 60pts

1 X Earthshaker 110pts

6 x Bull Centaurs, Mus/STD/Ch 171pts
Total 2247pts

I’ve realised now that my hero/general doesn’t even have a decent weapon which will be rectified in the next list. Besides that I’m interested to see what use the Hobgoblin unit will be. After that I’m no wiser. Look forward to your comments:)

REMEMBER this list can’t be changed for this weekend but any advice will go into the next one!!!


Looks like a well rounded list! Good luck. :slight_smile:


I can make some suggestions that you might change (as it requires no model change). Firstly, may I assume that your lord has a shield? Secondly, drop the champion from the BC. Drop the GW from one or both of the warriors unit. And then give your BSB a sword of might, and give each blunderbuss unit a standard.



Lepreh Khan:

Here’s the breakdown:

-Lord on Taurus is perfect.

-The General won’t really kill anything.

-The Sorcerers should only be lvl 1’s, you won’t get much magic off and you could use 70 points elsewhere.

-The Warrior units work a lot better at Unit Strength 25 (24 if you are going to throw a hero into that unit).

-I prefer to use only 1 blunderbuss as they are pretty much only going to get 1 or 2 shots off during a game and they don’t stand up too well in CC. Boost your BB unit up to 18 or 20 and drop the other unit.

-17 is an odd number for armored hobgoblins. I personally would just drop this unit, but if you’re set on using armored hobs then take them in groups of no less than 25.

-Bow Hobgoblins… I’d rather have 2 more Bolt throwers. My first intention was to use bow hobs as well, but they didn’t kill anything an entire game so I went for the Bolt Throwers instead.

-Wolf riders look good, you could drop the bows off them to get some more points.

-Bolt throwers are good. More of them around is even better. :slight_smile:

-Earthshaker is good.

-Bull Centaur unit needs to do 1 of 2 things: Either Drop the standard OR get another Rank. That unit is pretty small and could potentially be an easy 100 VP for your opponent to sweep up. If you drop the standard, they are still a good hammer unit and will cause wounds for Combat resolution, but need to attack in the flank or rear to be guaranteed success.

All in all, this list is still pretty competitive, and I think you’ll do about average in the Tourney.



Thanks for the feedback. The lord does have a shield sorry!!.

I realise the general/hero is a bit of a goner for this tournie and hence may have to sacrifice him and the unit he’s in.

Why would you want to get rid of the warriors great weapons?

Also while i expected the BB’s to only get about 2 shots off, wouldn’t putting a standard in the unit be counterproductive as mentioned a waste of lost VP’s?

The Hobgoblins I’m not sure about myself as I was trying to muster an army up at the time with models I’ve got, but have been acquiring more on a weekly basis.

I intend to use the wolfriders as a crossfire unit with the Bull centaurs and agree that they might need to be bulked up in future or go without the standard or champion.

I’ll let you guys know how I went. I’m looking forward to it. Hail Hashut :slight_smile:


Well if you don’t give you BB a standard, it means these units are basically meant to shoot and die. I think they should at least be prepared to put a fight. And warriors with HW + S are 2 points cheaper, and have a much better armor save.



Well the day has been run and I’ve come away with mixed reactions from the boys.

Firstly I didn’t realise how much of a pain it is to charge 6 inches:(

Secondly hobgoblin cav run away to much for my liking (most likely due to my inability to use them properly)

Thirdly Bull centaurs rock in combat especially on the charge.

Fourthly people get so annoyed with Earthshakers.

I had mixed results for the day being soundly beaten by a Carnosuar and Stegadon and salamander army.��Minor victory against magic heavy skaven army (bell,cannon), and a slaughter against a Necrach army.��

I was a bit miffed at only scoring 11/15 for composition that was with a bonus point as the opinion from those i played was they didn’t like the shaker and the lord on Taurus��(he was hit and miss).��I should explain the system. You have to score your oponents army on a scale of 1 to 5. You also get to pick your favourite army you played in the tournament for bonus 1 point per vote.

Overall it’s given me food for thought with some tweaking needed but I’ve glad i made the switch to the boys:)