[Archive] Pro Painted Bale Taurus Final Hours


Here’s the link to my pro painted bale taurus. Check it out!



The Taurus looks good, but “pro painted”?


Well I paid a painter to paint it so yes. I am in no way stating that I am a pro painter.


OK, it looks great, but the lava ruined the pro painted mark for me. Regardlesss, you deserve some cash for that nice Taurus. :hat off


The Taurus looks good, don’t get me wrong. Its just the “pro painted” bit all over ebay and similar auction sites that annoys me sometimes. I assume “pro painted” should mean painted to a really high standard rather than painted by someone who got paid for it. Anyway, sorry for the OT rant and good luck with the auction! :slight_smile:


I think pro painted is just about right. The guy who did that really knew what he was doing. But he painted really really fast. Some details would make this an outstanding model. So 65 bugs is not half of what it is worth. Though I think you should’ve put some more effort into the pictures.