[Archive] Problem in the Barren Hills


This is what’s going on at the Brewery right now:

The elven city of Tor Thana contains a powerful anti chaos device - “The Heart Stone of Tor Thana”.

The “Heart Stone” has been responsible for purging the foul taint of warpstone within this region, with the ruination of the elven city the Heart Stone has started to malfunction and the region has degraded into the state that it is today.

Objective at Tor Thana:

1. The Asur must take and hold Tor Thana.

a). We are sending half our Ogres to aid the Asur in capturing the city.

For our Ogre mercenaries, your battle targets are Tor Thana and the Giant’s Tump. Alternate between these two sites when you post a battle report.

B). The major bulk of the Dawi forces are still to target the Giant’s Tump. If you have a Dark Elf opponent post the battle at Tor Thana. You must include fluff about this being a joint attack with our Ogre mercenaries and aiding our High Elf allies. Also include fluff about the grateful Asur commander giving your Lord lost Rune Lore. - (See below)

The High Elves have agreed that in exchange for this help they will give us lost Rune Lore pre-dating the “War of the Beard”, when Asur & Dawi shared such knowledge. This is a token of their appreciation and to further cement our alliance.

At this stage I don’t know if the Empire or Bretonians are also involved. They have much to gain from this joint venture.

Empire will send the “Hunters of Sigmar”. This gives the Hunters of Sigmar further exposure and a fully functioning Heart Stone will transform the region back to its forming “I swear too much” state - “The Green Hills”.

Brettonians will send their Knight Errants. If the Asur can re-activate the Heart Stone, the Brettonians will settle the newly transformed landscape. Allowing them to acquire new fertile lands.

Here comes the map:


This is a major fluff story line for the Empire, Ogres, Brettonians, Asur and Dawi. We are trying to re-activate the Heart Stone.

So for week 2 we help the Asur capture the city

For week 3, if things go to plan our Rune Smiths aid the Asur in re-activating the Heart Stone.

Ambassadors have already posted on Asur.org so the wheels are turning. I recommened that folks here team up with the Druchii in the Barren Hills and write their battle reports accordingly, because activating that heartstone won’t be good for any of us. Fingol23, the leader of these elves can be easily contacted on the Warvault webring, but I’ll include a link to his profile just to make it easy: http://www.warvault.net/nemesis/profile.ph…iewprofile&u=94



Yell at the brewery/completely ignore them. They aren’t looking at any fluff anyone else has posted.