[Archive] Problems with Ogres


So im pretty new with CD, I just love the models. Recently I have been playing against a pretty competitive Ogre list.

His List looks a bit like this:

-Gut Star

- MournFangs

- LeadBeltchers

- 2 Iron Blasters

- Usually brings a Slaughter Master

We play 2,500 what tools should I bring to help beat ogres?


Here is an Ogre Kingdoms player describing a game -


In their forums they frequently talk about all factions playing them.

There are a few YouTube videos as well.

Looks like K’Daai Destroyer is your first choice.


I would say Death spells to kill the Army Standard Bearer if any, 2 Deathshrieker rocket launcher to stop the ironblasters, and then 2 Hellcanons to make all of them panic.

Ogres Leadership is most of time 8 or 7.


A Blunderbuss horde with flaming banner or Magma Cannon supported by Lore of Hashut Sorceror prophet are good counters to GutStar I think. Metal Sorceror is good counter for Mournfang. Wolfriders in the flank of an ironblaster should do well (Almost certain Rhinox can’t attack to the flank, in which case you both do 1 wound on average so you win by 3; charge, flank, backstabbers).

+1 for K’daai destroyer


Here’s the thing.

His cannons will out shoot your artillery any day of the week. It’s more accurate.

I’d suggest two hell cannons as they now have a 5+ ward. Magma cannons are clutch v ogres, and can really dish out the wounds on the ogres.

Not sure if HC’s can move and shoot now.

If the cannons are shooting at your K’daai, then they’re not shooting at your WM’s. Your K’daai can just wipe the mournfang from the map.

Lore of Hashut is great v ogres. Lower their leadership. d6 s6 their Kitties. Ashstorm, Initiative tests everything.

Maybe a lvl 2 death to snipe cannons in magic as you move forward. Their cannons are ALWAYS out on the flanks.

BCs could hunt the cannons, but those move, pivot shoot things are fast. Perhaps just a WM hunter HGK? I don’t have many answers for that.

One thing that DESTROYED the gutstar in combat; horde of IG hw/sh w Razor banner. two turns of combat, and they were gone to a man. Make your BSB defensive and challenge the sh** outta them for that absurd “i hide in the 2nd rank and don’t make waaaaayyyy!!!”

(i know it’s legal, but feels so cheap)

Ogres are a hard list.

Good luck.


I would say taking IG with great weapons would be a good start (which you can indicate with some sort of themed base you put behind the unit etc).

Unfortunately against a list like that I’d say you need to cap as close to min core as possible and load up on war machines. Unfortunate because it would mean any sort of unit that makes it into combat is going to be really up against it.


The main issue that I have seen is basically what Blackspine said. Ogres just outshoot me. I find the Ironblasters to be the one thing i feel the most. I think im gonna try x2 Death shriekers, x2 Magma Cannons, 1 Kdaai, and 1 HC. If things go south then i may always just go 2 HC and drop somthing.

Thanks for all the advice.

Kera foehunter:

The ogre are fun to play too…:slight_smile:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Against Ogres, I try and take a unit of 5-6 K’daii Fireborn. They deploy directly ahead of my K’daii Destroyer so when he tries to shoot the Destroyer, he has to make it through a pair of 4+ ward saves on the Fireborn and then another 4+ on the Destroyer. Needless to say I’ve yet to lose the Destroyer to Ironblasters =)

It’s the Hellheart I really fear. Our Sorcerer-Prophet is so bloody expensive, it sucks to potentially lose him to a 50 point item. Hate that thing!