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the trooper:

hey,:hat off

Iam the trooper and am a fan of chaos dwarfs a long time.

Now i started to convert them, but something does not feel right.

They are not as cool as xanders or snotlings(and many others) dark stunies.

Now i dont have the money to buy them from ebay (but i have got 10 blunderbussers) because i am only 15 years old.

What must i do no other army really interest me,only dwarfs,chaos and dark elfs but i have allready 2000 point armies of them.

Maybe does somebody have a other way to buy chaos dwarfs cheap.

plz guys help me.

hashut will grant you many powers :mad


A good start would be to post pictures if you can. Xander and many others here are excellent sculptors of green stuff and know modification quite well. If you provide examples of what you are doing they and others here could definitley give you pointers and tips. We seriously don’t mind, and welcome new Chaos Dwarf Players any time!

So please, post pictures if you can, or barring that, describe the problem as best as possible, and I am sure the community will do its best to help. :slight_smile:


Hi Trooper. I think that the only way forward for you is to convert Dwarf models into their dark kindred, especially if (like me) you want to go down the path of the big hat. The trick, if you are not too happy with your converting skills and don’t have much money to spare, is to cut corners.

For example, don’t bother with trying to sculpt scale mail on your models. Leave the dwarven chain in place, as Ishkur has done.

You could either not bother trying to give your models curly beards, or trim away the original beard and use lengths cut from the hafts of spare spears etc instead. That way, you would only have a minimum amount of filling to do, so that the beard appears attached to the dwarf’s chin. The curls could either be hacked/filed into the plastic weapon hafts, or simply painted on.

Either don’t bother with big noses, or if you can get hold of spare Goblin or Gnoblar heads from a friend, cut the noses from those models ad transplant onto your plastic dwarf. Again, this technique appears to have been used by Ishkur.

The tusks are all well and good on a Chaos Dwarf, but if sculpting them on will do more harm than good, leave them out for now. There are plenty of things that define a Chaos Dwarf, and across the table, your opponent probably won’t notice the loss of snaggly teeth.

And my final tip for quick, dirty and cheap converting, just use the same big hat for all your models, saving anything fancy for your characters. This could be done by using push pins to make big hats, as many others on this forum have done (myself included), or you can buy packets of beads fairly cheaply from hobby/craft shops. Decorate the hats using shapes cut from plasticard or thin card, glued onto the hat.

Phew! That’s all I can think of to help you. Hope you find those ideas useful. Just remember that converting/sculpting are skills like any other, that improve over time with practice. Don’t be put off because your initial attempts didn’t measure up to others in your opinion.