[Archive] Procreate putty


Anyone here tried it?

I’ve got some and I have to say I’m very impressed.

It is noticeably harder than greenstuff, but not quite as hard as brownstuff.  

The great advantage it has over greenstuff I think is that it carves very easily.  With greenstuff if you slice it with a knife it can look very rough, but with this stuff it still looks good.  

Being a little harder it is also smoother for sculpting with, so a lot of the small indentations you get simply putting GS on aren’t there.

I don’t know how well it sticks to plastic yet, as I haven’t tried, but it is quite sticky when mixed, so I presume it would be the same.

It is a fair bit more expensive than where I buy GS from though (probably 30% as much for the same price).

I may be tempted to create armatures with GS, then sculpt with this stuff.  I think it would hold sharp edges better.


I’ve used it on occasion, mostly in instances where I’d use brown stuff. Weapons, armour, sharp edged stuff, etc. I haven’t used it enough to develop a preference for it though.

Because of availability and cost, I’m not sure I would use it continually over brown stuff. Anyone know why I would?


I use it quite extensively, often either mixed in different ratios for different effects (There’s a chart on the container for how to get different effects with it), or mixed with GS or BS. I get it from Coolminiornot.com where you can get the 2.5 oz container for 9.99USD. or the 3.52 oz container for 12.99USD (about the lowest price I’ve been able to find online).

So, as to the price:

9.99 / 2.5 = 3.996

12.99 / 3.52 = 3.690

It’s about 30 cents per ounce more expensive than GS. I really prefer it simply because it’s able to get pretty close to the properties of GS or BS, or act as an inbetween when mixed normally. It also drys really well under a heat lamp without becoming brittle or cracking.


Does it have to baked in the oven like sculpey or fimo?

I saw some pictures on the Heresy miniatures site, looks quite versatile.


No, its like GS and BS and cures a few hours after mixing like epoxy putty.


Does it have to baked in the oven like sculpey or fimo?

I saw some pictures on the Heresy miniatures site, looks quite versatile.

Nope, but a heat lamp or florescent bulb speeds up the cure time on the putty. It does the same for GS and BS, but they can either "burn" or become brittle respectively.


I got it, the only thing I sculpt with now:D


I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on these matters - but for the few sculpts I’ve done, I’ve used it and I must say, I really like it - but still prefer GS for small details.

My main issue regarding ProCreate is the colour. Grey really isn’t the best colour, for an old man’s eye.

Andy (Heresy) suggested mixing it with a bit of GS/BS. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will :smiley:


Thanks for the info :hat off