[Archive] Project Furnace: Players needed


The Furnace is project run by Tabletop Gamers for Tabletop gamers and aims to design a living rulebook and army book series that will be available in e-book and book form. The Furnace will be a non-profit organisation. We aim to design rules systems for historical, fantasy and science fiction genres with various scales in mind. These books will be living - constantly updated and edited until we reach a system that meets our needs. We will use our own knowledge, skills and abilities to produce a unique peace of work that can be used with multiple miniature producers.

We currently need as many members as we can get, and would be especially interested if you can do artwork, write or develop rules. I knew that on CDO, with the amount of creativity around someone would be interested. So before I ramble on please visit the website at:


And join.

Many thanx,



Interesting project, I’ll be curious to see how this turns out. Additionally it’s going to be a mammoth multi year undertaking; I hope you know what you ate getting into.


Hopefully with the enormous amount of enthusiasm over on the orum, coupled with some very constructive criticism the site and our design process are evolving and developing at a phenomenal rate.

For those who are interested the first project is a 28mm Fantasy Skirmish game.