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My Idea is that lots of people have ideas what chaos dwarves should be like, but they don’t always agree, so I propose that the Whole of the forum who are interested work together to write an army book (though no direct model guides or we’ll never get past Hat/Mask things)

Good idea?

The Flying Beaver:

Back before CDO’s founding, I was the administrator at another Chaos Dwarf forum called [[The Grand Alliance]]. Here we were working on a project very similar to what you’ve suggested. I’ll warn you now, it’s a hell of a lot of work to make an army book which everyone can agree on. I’ll help out wherever I can however.

Lord Darkash:

Im happy to help out with a project along these lines. Im willing to bet it will be difficult but you cannot please everyone, its just not possible so i think some kind of excecutive commity (3 members?) to make final descisions might be an idea? what the commity decides goes situation?

This would help to prevent to many flame wars i think. Perhaps an election to decide on commity members for this would be the way to choose though, all democratic etc.

what does everyone think to that?

Crimson Prophet:

I’ve read the “7th Army Edition for Chaos Dwarfs” and I have to say I was highly impressed by the amount of effort put into it. I would gladly contribute fluff to suit the units wherever possible. :hat off


Yay, peoples are interested

Crimson Prophet: any fluff would be cool, fluff is always good

Tugmyster: A commite to decide, intresting idea, I was just planning on putting up a poll for yadayada days and use the most common result, I’m glad people can plan better than me

TFB: Well, I know it’d take work but the release schedule slots us in at about late 2010, early 2011, so I think we can work in time

So, can we start or do we need to wait for an administrator to aprove this?


Sounds like you can start.

Make a topic as outlined in the CDO Projects sticky. :slight_smile:


Great idea I can write up some special charicter rules and(if need be) unit rules.

What 3 years oh well I’ll do the job of special charicter rules.


Hi great idea minty i can help with suggestions and balancing the rules .If i can think of something specific i could do i will volunteer.:slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

The subforum is up. I’ll start posting some stuff to start with.


Oooooooh, subforum, cool

I’m starting to think you where gonna do something like this anyway


Not that I want to help, but something you should agree amongst yourselves is that this Project is not going to satify everyone on CDO, therefore should not represent CDO.

It just happens to be a place where people on this forum can get together and make a book that they (the specific project members) agree on.

Other people can chip in and help, but ultimately decisions are taken by vote by the offical project members alone.��Split decision with a majority = go with majority and accept the decision.��Equal voting means more discussion,

This means you will get decision made fast, and cannot be stalled by one person stubbornly refusing to relent (as ‘in character’ as it may seem ;))

In fact it would be worth adding something to this effect on the top of the project sticky.


I’d like too and I knew that but TFB decided to post that so I can’t do anything about it


I’ve been working on a customised CD list for an upcoming campaign at our club:


If there are any ideas in there that you want to borrow then feel free, or if you think there is something I could help with let me know. I’m all in favour of having some kind of update for the CD.


im kinda new to chaos dwarfs but i read the old lore and now im hooked. I’d really want to help with this book, i have a couple of ideas posted already on other forums, and I would also like to be involved in working on cover art or the likes (if we get past the hat-mask conundrum). Basically I’m a worker drone willing to do whatever, so put me to work :stuck_out_tongue:


greetings, please come into my subforum and we will discuss buisness

the front cover (if you are willing to provide a rough sketch) should have both hats AND masks, to shpw that we are a diverse race (translation: to stop me getting hate mail)

any ideas should be posted on subforum please