[Archive] [Project Proposal] Would Chaos Dwarfs Online want a quarterly magazine?

Crimson Prophet:

I’m currently starting an Information Communication Technology assignment that requires me to make a magazine about something I like.

My question is this: Would anyone be interested in having a magazine.

If yes, what would you like and would you help to attain it? As I kinda need information and pics to go into a magazine, which would be bout 15 - 20+ pages.

If no, then I will crawl into a corner and cry.

Cheers :hat off


It certainly sounds like a good idea.

Nemesis Article

Battle Report

Hobby Article

Painting Article

Strategy Article

Warmaster/Mordheim/Bloodbowl Article

Here are a few ideas. :slight_smile:


All for the idea!

If you want inspiration from a truly excellent GW fan magazine, go to www.warseer.com and look for their 1st and second issues of “Firebase”, the 40k magazine.

It’d be nice to have some original artwork for it too.


Sounds like a pretty solid idea.

Maybe we could also include some fluff as well, there are a lot of people here and on THOH who have written some excellent stories. Also some trial rules for new units might be a nice idea.


As far as trial rules go, I’d personally like to see some rules for immortals that we can all agree are fair and balanced (and check them off with players outside of the CD community.)

Crimson Prophet:

W00T! I’m actually gonna check with my teacher to make sure I can do this, but I cant see why not.

This is my draft layout I have to include the following:

Because this could very well be the beginning of a new magazine series devoted to a particular aspect of Warhammer, there should be some “official” messages from the forum operators.

2x Feature Articles (AKA say an Article about Immortals, with fluff, short story and rules to go with them; and an Army Showcase)

A Battle Report between Chaos Dwarf maniacs!

Short Stories

Advice Columns - say army composition and tactics

Conversion Article (Perhaps that awesome convert BFSP Dwarf one?)

Horoscopes (“Divining the Darkness” by the “Priest of Hashut”)

Preview for next month

Thats what I have in mind so far.

Cheers ppl.


id quite happily write a short story about chaos dwarfs in any style from anythng 1000 to 7000 words, although at 250 words a page i think shorter might be better for you. check out my dragons bane thread here


if you want me to just send a pm id be very happy

Hashut’s Blessing:

You could use some of the HoH weekly narrative from the Nemesis Crown campaign. I was going to say do a conversion article. With Mr. Xander’s permission, you could use stills and his words for an article.


Speaking of Xander, it’d be nice to have the full version before the tournament he’s attending occurs. That way, he can take copies to show around as an advertisment for this place.


Hehe. Cool thoughts. We’ll see what Crimson has in mind in terms of scheduling. :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

A magazine is an good idea, though it’ll be a lot of work. I’ve been meaning to start a fluff series that could appear in multiple issues of this magazine and would gladly contribute.

Crimson Prophet:

Ok, I have a full term to do this, (10 weeks). I know! Volumous amounts of time considering ICT is the easiest subject in Australia.

I would like two short stories, so Dragon’s Bane is a good one and if someone can write another awesomest one then great!

I am really looking forward to contributing to this forum, to bring the Dawi Zharr a great magazine that will hopefully attract more enthusiastic members and send the message to Games Workshop that we are still here… or we have just arrived (in my case).



If is going to be an online thing then use the layout of warseer’s Watchtower mag. the first issue was awful in that respect but the second issue fixed all the flaws.

Uzkul Werit:

I’ll gladly hell. I’m not really one for conversion or painting, so would it be okay if I covered the tactics/horoscope kind of things?

The Horoscope could be answered by Hashut himself! :smiley:


The horrorscope reminds me of “Calls for Cthulhu” on utube, great show.

Crimson Prophet:

hmmm. I was thinking about the horoscopes, thinking that perhaps that each month presents are particular curse from the favoured of Hashut, from the army book Lore of Hashut, and those considered highly regarded in CD society.

For instance, say March; “Mortals fear the great Bull Centaur as they grind your bones unto paste, and feed your carcasses unto the Furnace of Hashut, for they are his messangers and your misfortune and torment has only initiated. Your fortunes will become like fire, consumed in an inferno, and your loved ones taken away in chains to Zharr Naggrund. And they will come, slave chains and scourges in hand, to submit your soul to the Father of Darkness in the raging dark of the Temple.”

That would be non Chaos Dwarfs side.

This would be the Chaos Dwarfs side.

“Rejoice, Dawi Zharr, for the slave trains will be a plenty, laden with treasure, all for the glory of Hashut. His favour will show in the battlefields and workshops, as the Rune of Hanbeh will bind many a daemon to the great warmachines of Zharr Naggrund. The grounds will be sow with the blessings of fire and death, as the slaves toil unending in the pits. Glory to Hashut!”

If anyone can think of really cool ones, then awesome power will be yours to command.


I am a Taurus. sunglasses

Uzkul Werit:

Shall we work out who is doing what for the first issue?


I assume it is up to Crimson Prophet to organize this. We will be adding a section to the forums, for Projects such as this, very soon. Once created we can start making threads of the content that is being considered for the first issue.


i was just thinking im doing a tale of X gamers thing on astronomican.com about my chaos dwarf article maybe that would be suitable too. its like the old articles in white dwarf were they only had so much money each month to gradually make an army, showing progress and stuff.

if you only need 1 issue it might not be appropriate though. and i like writing stories :stuck_out_tongue: