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Right, so my big project right now is reconstructing Warhammer Quest basically from scratch. I had the rulebooks, but none of the specific miniatures/tokens/board sections, for example. Everything is proceeding quite nicely, but I am presently trying to figure out what to make doors out of. The opening itself needs to be about 6.5cm x 3.5 cm (to fit between board sections and across two squares) and altho the height isn’t really relevant to gameplay they should probably be tall enough to conceivably fit an ogre through them - for realism’s sake, see.

So, anyone have any ideas? Should I carve out some polystyrene? Old sprues? Polished granite?

Also, anyone have ideas about what the doors should look like? ie, columns, stone archways, holes in the wall, something else?

I will be doing a substantial amount of painting for this project also, so I may start a plog about it in Off-Topic Showcase if folks are interested.


Do you want to make it yourself from scratch or buy premade solutions?


Fenryll do a few doors but dont think they’ll be big enough for what you want, scroll down a bit on the linked page

Fenryll - Boutique - Fenryll

Failing that Hirst Arts do some moulds that you could use to make stone or timber framework for it but as far as the actual door itself, I think youll have to make it.  If the framework is made from herculite using the moulds then the door can be made out of polystyrene and the framework should protect it from getting damaged.  Doing the frame and door out of polystyrene would make it very fragile I think


That Fenryll site is cool, but I agree I dunno if the doors would be large enough - plus I don’t really want to spend 80 euro just on doors! Is Hirst Arts another online store or is the product sold in art/hobby stores?

I should have been a bit more clear, I really just need to make door ‘frames,’ as there is no need for the actual ‘door’ itself to be in place when they will never be closed.

Ultimately I am quite willing to build them from scratch, I am just looking for different options from which I can choose the best solution to suit my needs. If there is a cheap premade alternative that might be good, but more likely I will be building the doors - I just need a medium.


Plasticard would probably be easy enough.

Build the basic structure out of thicker plasticard, then glue on squares for stone blocks.

turquois dwarf:

mayby dowle with a balsa wood plank over the top for wooden doors?

ill be intrested to see it because at some point my mordheim group are going to go into a dungeon type place


Hirst Arts produce moulds and you can se a list of them here:-

Molds Available From Hirst Arts

They are usually for sale new on Ebay or you can order direct… theres always one or two pieces that you need from each mould which is annoying. I have 5 moulds, Travelers Bridge, 4" round Tower, 4" Fieldstone Tower, Basic Blocks and Ruined Tower. If theres pieces from them you can use I am happy to cast them up for you but need Herculite as I’m out of the stuff.

80 euros? I had no idea…must be life size :slight_smile:


80 euros? I had no idea.....must be life size :)

Ha that would be impressive indeed! Unfortunately that is not the case, it's simply that I need ten doors and the ones that might work are 8 euro each :( Ah well.

Thanks for all the ideas! Hirstarts is interesting too, now I know where I have seen lots of 3D dungeons coming from in the past. I'm not sure if my ten doors would justify the purchase of molds though. I will continue to consider my options, including dowel and plasticard...


Ahhhhhhh I havent looked at Fenrylls prices but 8 Euros stil seems a litle expensive for 1 door…

Theres this bloke who makes these buildings out of polytyrene and balsa wood, they’re amazing. I can ask him to give you some pointers if you like?

Sorry to pop on another forums address but its a hobby one and no rival to ya

Village blacksmith

The Offices of Chancellory and Exchequer


This may be of interest to ya mate

Bob Olley wil be releasing it soon and am sure you could use the rest of the bits elsewhere. The OldCrow\Ainsty website is where it originally comes from so you can buy from there now or wait til Bob sorts his out like I am doing.


As for style, how about a mixture of the traditional column style found in the origainal WQ boxset, and some cave-like arches. This way you can change the atmosphere of your games.

I would suggest making your own moulds, but then, thats easier said than done isn’t it.

One day i’m going to get around to make WQ style scenery, one day…


If you can make the pieces I know someone who wil make a mould out of them for you for future castings. He gave me a couple of free moulds so cant be expensive to do and they are almost as good quality as the Hirst Arts ones


@ All: Thanks for all of the advice and ideas, we’ll see how it turns out.

@ Perv: Cheers for the offer, but I don’t think it’s necessary to go to all that trouble. I’m happy to take care of it on my own :cheers


for our advanced heroquest we use both those single doors and the AHQ doors. we were going to build some of our own, and the best solution i came up with was a sliding door, although in the end we just bought from ebay im going to use this method to make some sci-fi doors.

a guide is on my blog here


hope it helps