[Archive] proper basing for the hellcannon


so i know that the hellcannon is now based on the large 100x150 base, however i am unsure how i am supposed to base the 3 chaos dwarf crew. are they to based on the large base like they are in the GW pics, or separately on 20’s?

Thanks in advance!


I would also like to know this… lol. I want to base the dwarfs with the cannon but just wanna know if youre supposed to.

@boomboom, sorry I didnt answer your question… lol


its cool wilson, hopefully someone knows!


Its a Monster & Handler. Rulebook pg 73 states that the crew are ignored for most gaming purposes. So you can have them running around on their own bases OR you can have them part of the larger base. Since they can be killed, if you’re going for the latter, I’d recommend that you make them removable.


I’d cut out 3 20x20mm squares from the big base and use plasticard to sink them down into it a bit.

Or just make a wound marker to sit near it.


Uh, did they change base size for it? I thought it was on a chariot base?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It was “officially” released as to be on a 100x150mm base about 18 months ago. And it doesn’t matter where the Chaos Dwarf crew goes - on the base or off. It’s just a modeling opportunity so it’s up to you.


Hmmm, I assume thats the same size as the Destroyer right? Needless to say Ive played 2-3 games since the new Tamurkhan book got released. Guess I might have to rebase mine… :slight_smile: