[Archive] Prowler of the Abyss - Bull Centaur




Sculpted: ?

Prime: Black

Base: Corkboard

Oil: Black Ink, Future Floor Polish, Elmers Glue, Brown Wash, Future Floor Polish

Colours -

Skin CP: Dark Flesh, 50:50, Tanned Flesh, 50:50, Dwarf Flesh, 50:50, Elf Flesh, Purple Wash

Hair RMS: Black, Storm Grey, Cloud Grey, Misty Grey, Black Wash

Scabs/gore CP: Red Gore, Blood Red, Linen White, Red Wash, Future Floor Polish/Red Ink mix

Skull Mask and Nails RMS: Bone Shadow, 50:50, Aged Bone, 50:50, Polished Bone, Linen White

Horns: Same as mask plus - Brown Wash, Yellowed Bone (RMS), Black Wash, Black wash at the base, Stained Bone (RMS)

Leather (RMS): Ruddy Leather, 50:50, Oiled Leather, 50:50, Burnt Orange, Brown Wash, Black Wash, Oiled Leather, 50:50 with Burnt Orange

Metal (CP): Black w/ 50:50 Boltgun Metal, Boltgun Metal, Black Wash, Chainmail

Still no idea who sculpted this guy, so if anyone has any idea let me know - please.

And to vote: Prowler of the Abyss at CMON


Like I have said before. It looks like a half-way mutated Chaos Dwarf who is going to become a Bull Centaur. It’s a pretty cool model. You paint skin quite well. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

As I have said before, I like it, I LOVE the painting, but to make it more BCish, I think you should try converting hooves onto it. And, again I’ve said this before, I like the idea of using that head for a shaman, or shamanic sorcerer.