[Archive] Purity Seal


Hey, I’m seeking advice on using Purity Seal (GW spray). Anyone have experience with this seal spray? How long does it last and just how glossy is it? I was adviced to use this for a more matte look, but I’m worried that it’s gonna be all shiny.

Hope you’ll help me. Cheers :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve not used it before, but if you’ve been recommended to use it as a matte, then it won;t be shiny. That’s be a gloss varnish.


it gives a satin finsh so its slightly glossy. I like the effect.

basically just use it as you would primer, as for how long it lasts that’ll depend on how much you handle your minis, personally I dont think I’ve ever had to re-seal anything.

All the minis on my army blog have been finished with purity seal.


Thanks, you guys :slight_smile: Now I’ll try it out on my VCs… Think it’ll work out… looked ok at one of my sisters (of battle) :wink:


Always test it on something else first. Sometimes, particularly if it is old, it can end up going cloudy and leave a white residue on your models. A friend of mine had that happen on his gorgeously painted Lizardmen. :frowning: I always test it first on some crappy old models or a box or something.