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I’m trying to plan my first army, but I have no access to the O&G or the OK army books, is there anywhere where I can get the army list entries for Black Orcs & Ogre Bulls without having to buy the army books? it’s a lot of money to pay just for 2 units!

I have the reference sheets but I don’t have points values & options etc.

Any Help please?

Thommy H:

Well, I happened to know how much Black Orcs cost and then I went and found some online army lists to figure out the cost for full command, but I do have a friend with the book if I really need it. The sample army lists on GW’s website are handy for extrapolating costs, but it’s not ideal.

You may just have to find a friend with the relevant books, or try memorising as much as you can from a visit to a Games Workshop store.


Black Orcs

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Don’t have the rules for Bull Ogres, sorry. I hope this helps.

Creepy Dwarf:

Blorcs in CD’s cant have magic banners



1. Your army list is free, which is cheaper than most

2. You’d need the O&G book for Hobgoblin animosity rules, plus you can use it for Orc and Goblin units

3. Borrow the book, photocopy them, etc, someone might surrepticiously email them to you. But no rules posting on the forum is allowed.


Blorcs in CD's cant have magic banners

Creepy Dwarf
not in US GTs...
but the rules allow it elsewhere...

Big 'Uns can take a banner even in US GTs...

Uzkul Werit:

I’d just memorise the rules. Heck, Animosity has gotten even simpler and is sooo easy to remember.


id buy the book… cause i did… and its cool…


They’re pretty straightforward rules, jus find a friend or whatever who has the book you need and write down the rules you need to know on the computer or somewhere else you won’t lose them.

Or you could buy the army book, the new O&G one is quite good actually :).


im sure the rules for black orcs were in the recent WD accompanying their release, as well as dwarf miners.

animosity is very easy to remember, and once you have the statlines to are the black orcs rules. you could probably just get them from army builder.

Lepreh Khan:

Here’s a pretty easy way to find the points costs for almost all the Fantasy armies:

go to www.wargamesjapan.com and then click on the “Armybuilder” button since the rest of it is in japanese, and then go to O & G and create a new army.

Ta da!

Only thing that it doesn’t have is a thorough explanation of the rules. Maybe that’s why it’s legal? I found that site off the old Warvault webring and it’s pretty good.


Thommy H:

Only thing that it doesn't have is a thorough explanation of the rules. Maybe that's why it's legal?

Lepreh Khan
Actually, it's probably because all the army books and codecies are given away free online in Japan. I understand it's because it's too much effort to reprint everything in Japanese or something *shrugs*.