[Archive] Questions about Greebo's Bull Centaurs


I’m trying to figure out what to use as my Bull Centaurs. I’m a fan of FWs, but I want Great Weapons and a Musician… and my modelling skills are terrible. It would be a shame to butcher them.

I’ve been looking around and found Greebos: http://www.greebo.it/mainsite/jupgrade/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=88&Itemid=67

I’m wondering if anyone has these, and if so, do you think they’d look okay on a 50x75mm base?

The GW classics look a little puny on such a big base imo, so I’m hoping these are bigger.


Here is a team shot!

I think the BCs are as big as the old 5th edition BigHat BCs.

But put 2 of them on one base and it will look ok!



I think they’d look fine on a 50x75 base. They’d look smaller than the FW models for sure, but they’ll fill it out a little better than the classic 5th ED GW BC models. Here’s are a couple of pics… sorry for the discoloured hands, I was chopping red peppers and making blue berry muffins today.

And yes, their arms do come separate. I added some pics to the wiki a while back for these models… check 'em out!


Awesome, thanks for detailed response.

I think they will be perfect!