[Archive] Questions about Warhammer Forge List and Tactics

Groznit Goregut:

Hi All,

With the new book coming out, I’m thinking of actually building that Chaos Dwarf army that I’ve thought about for so long. I need to get more minis, though. I’m trying to get my hands on the list shown at Games Day that was the list at that particular time. It will give me something to work with, though. I’m trying to figure out what I need and how many I need.

I don’t have any blunderbussiers. I figure I will want some. How many, though, would one need in a 2500 pt list? What size units are they good in? I haven’t read the new rules yet to see how they operate. Would I want one unit? Two units? What are the best setups for units of these guys?

What type of Hobgoblins can one take in the WF list? What can they be armed with? I’ve got some with hand weapons and some with bows. Do they still have the Sneaky guys? Are they worth it? Can you still use Wolf Riders? Are they worth taking?

I have a ton of the old Big Hat guys with Great Weapons, so I am set there.

What about the elites? Is there just the Infernal Guard? Or some other elites? How are they best equipped? If I need to get some of those, I will go for the Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs. It would be cheaper to use the Core Mantic guys as elites, but they don’t have GW. Do I need elites and if so, how are they best equipped?

Thanks All!


At the Moment, there is only the FW/WF Draft-List which was shown and photographed at GD-France, theres nothing Final yet, so we don´t really know for sure which units will be in and how they´ll work… I think it´s safe to say though that blunders will be in, and Hobgoblins will be too, in the form of wolfriders and infantry of some sort… if you PM me your email, I´ll see if theres a way to send you a pdf or two a friendly member was so nice to share with another friendly member who in turn shared it with another friendly member asf… :wink:

Groznit Goregut:

Yep! Yep! That’s the list I’m talking about. PM sent. I know it’s not finalized, but it is a good thing to consider.


I really hope they keep the black orcs, and if they don’t :frowning:

Thommy H:

Black Orcs aren’t in.


Im really not too bothered what’s in the book. I’ll buy it for the artwork and fluff and to support chaos dwarfs but I’m more of a hobbyist than a gamer and if I do play then I’ll stick with Thommys list…I love it and when one of our own has put so much time and love into our community I think it deserves support! Obviously serious competion players will want the new list but I’m more than happy with what I’ve got.

vinny t:

Is there any news over whether an all-daemonic construct list can be made?


depends on what you mean by daemonic construct list, but atm it looks like you can make all warmachines daemonic and then there’s the kadaii… but im pretty sure youll still need dwarfs as core.


From what I saw, you couldn’t have no dwarf (or hobgoblins) in core choice…

But as said by rabotak, all warmachines can be hellbound…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Considering the only core units are Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins (which say nothing about not counting towards core), the answer is no. Less than 75% of the army will be daemonic - 25% minimum as core, plus a character.


Not sure if this is the right thread to pose this question, but I managed to see a leaked list and it didn’t have the infernal guard as core, however on the experimental rules they do count as core.

Is this two separate lists or anybody have any insight on how they will be played in the final list?

Thommy H:

I would assume the experimental rules - being experimental and all - will be subsumed into the main list anyway. If you look at how the first few PDFs on the WF website were first advertised, they said they were excerpts from the forthcoming book. Since then, they’ve obviously made quite a few changes to the rules and they’re no longer claiming these are taken straight from it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, one set of rules is experimental and the other is an unofficial compilation of rules/stats, so neither can be taken as gospel. Having said that, it has recently come to light that the experimental rules will appear as are in the Tamurkhan book - so, they should (theoretically) be core.