[Archive] Quick CD rules question(s)


A. Can hobgoblins carry a magic banner. In particular, the banner of slavery?

B. With the “Black Gem of Gnar”, it says that “steeds may not attack either”… but does that mean ALL mount types? including monsterous mounts?

Thanks for your help!



A. No hobgoblins may not carry a magic banner.

B. Not sure, I’ve never used it.


B. With the "Black Gem of Gnar", it says that "steeds may not attack either"... but does that mean ALL mount types? including monsterous mounts?

Im sure its refering to whatever the model is mounted on, be it dragon or wolf.


OK, now I see where it says that only CD Warriors and Bullies can carry a magic banner. Sorry for the stupid question!

but as far as the steed thing goes… I looked up steed and it’s dictionary definition is “A horse, especially a spirited one”… which says to me that the item’s effects on mounts only apply to horse mounts… unfortunately I think GW miffed up the wording and meant to say “mounts”… Over at the Daemonic Legion forums there are some RAW players that would definitely insist it only works against horse mounts, and that there is no two buts about it… from my experiences over there at least.


Thommy H:

Why are you looking in a dictionary for the answer to Warhammer rules? “Steed” is not technically defined by the Warhammer rules, but in this context it means any kind of mount, yes, be it a single wound cavalry creature or a monster. If you need to cite some precedent against a particularly ridiculous opponent then the rules for Frenzy also feature the term “steed” being used in this context.


the frenzy reference will be a great thing if anyone every puts up a stink. thank you so much!