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Hey Guys :hat off

as i expolred my new miners box, i noticed, that the drill would make a nice little harpoon, when you build it like that

it doesn’t look perfect, but it is a base for a nice BT. you can build it very quick and it’s cheap… if you have miners ^^. now you can add some CD-symbols, chaos-stuff, other bolts etc… i enlarged the arrow.

i work with it by the while during i make my other projects, but some day, i will have 2 new BTs ^^

Ghrask Dragh:

That looks awesome!!!

really clever use of spare bits Snotling :hat off��looks alot better than the wooden BT’s I think!



That’s very clever, well done.


I’ve used this same idea to make a ‘gatling blunderbuss’ for my unit. I took off that leg on the front, chopped down the legs a little and took the spy glass off the top.

Pics will follow once I’ve built the other 3 CD on the base (40mm).


Holy Crap that is Great!! If CD were ever to have a bolt thrower that wasnt made by hobgobs then that would be awesome!!

- Tallhat

Pyro Stick:

That looks like some ancient kind of Sniper. Thats a great idea. Mechanical bolt thrower.


Great Idea that! I am really impressed. That is some nice use of spare parts. Especially as the “portable steam-engine-hammer” is a bit over the top from a mechanical point of view. Talking about miniaturisation.

But it makes a really cool bolt-thrower.


Great job there Snotling! I dare even say - as usual :wink: I was thinking of such conversion for quite some time. Although the idea of elongating the arrow is brilliant!

I would probably cut off the odd leg in the front (just below the arrow) to make it look less like a drill :wink:

I wonder, why you have only one slave? You’ve one of the greatest army in the showcase and yet, only one slave. Do you kill them for inspiration? Have one slave from me, for this great piece of work. And with an additional slave, I guess we could see the painted model sooner, eh?


Yes Snotling once again a great job. But I liked you scratch build-version back in august even more. What is the idea for hobbos this time?

Btw - haven’t seen much from you hand lately - working on something big - are you?


Btw - haven't seen much from you hand lately - working on something big - are you?

yes and no. i had much to do the last few weeks and painted some other stuff. i even make several prjects at the same time, convert a troll, sculpt a unit of... slaves, make some chars and something else... with wings ^^

well... GS is running out, that's another problem :hat off


Ahh! - still going strong:hat off

sculpt a unit of… slaves, make some chars and something else… with wings ^^

For CDs? - if so I can’t hardly wait to see :slight_smile:



praise Hasuhut :hat off

Kera foehunter:

WOW great idea .That’s a cool harpoon so cool im stealing this idea.

if thats ok Snotling::shy:

Uzkul Werit:

It reminds me of the Harpoon Guns Chaos Dwarfs had back in 3rd Edition. I did something similar using bits of a Defiler and an Imperal Guard Rocket Launcher.


great idea, i built 2 last night, i used night goblin spear tips (last edition ng) for the end of the bolt and for the length i bought a whisk for 79p , perfect width (1.5mm)

just need to do the crew now


I had a similar idea, but I was gonna use it for a death rocket as I already have 4 scratch built bolt throwers. Kudos for the realisation snot


hehe, i’m glad you like it. it is a sadisfaction to inspire you and i want nothing for it except… all your SLAVES! MUAHAHAHAA :hat off

and you have never too much BT’s ^^


Great stuff Snotling.

Is the miner set worth it on the whole?


the miner set is great, dwarfs with bare arms and two-handed weapons and masses of cool bitz… dynamite, steam hammers and… stuff… it’s cool ^^

Father Grumpmas:

I suggested something similar over on the Cut-throats den - making a harpoon gun using the sight on legs from the dwarf cannon box.

With the miners harpoon gun, I have been thinking of cutting off the harpoon and attaching the rotating barrels from an Empire repeating rifle to make a gatling gun - a bit of a blunderbuss unit filler.

The same could be done to the steam drill to make a man (dwarf?) portable gatling gun.