[Archive] Quick rule question


Just wanted to ask a quick rules question, sorry if I am being a dunderhead and the answer is blindingly obvious, but -

Can a character leave one unit and join another one in the same movement phase, or is it a case of move out of a unit in one movement phase and into the other one in the next movement phase? Does it make any difference if the unit that you want to move into has already moved in that turn?



Yes he can leave one and join another, unless the unit he is leaving is subject to compulsory movement(panic, etc.) in which case he can’t leave it. It doesn’t matter if the unit to be joined has moved, but it obviously can’t move any more, even if the character joining it still has inches left to his move. He just loses them.


The only other exception is if the unit charges then he has to charge with them. He can charge out by himself but then the unit cannot move.

Lastly he can never move more than his normal movement allowance


Excellent, thank you very much for your quick replies.