[Archive] R.I.P specialist games

zorn sabretooth:


read it and weep:(

also when was the last time gw prodsuced models for specialist games it was ages ago! first necromunda who next?


I believe GW are currently working on a WHFB supplement for skirmish level games.  This would be the equivalent of Mordheim, but on a slightly larger scale.

Due for release mid 2010 at the soonest.

As to the other ones I don’t know. They each have their places, but to be honest I think they should roll them all into 2 volumnes, which gets FAQ support online, and are updated every 5 years or so.


Skirmish Games

WH - Mordheim

- Warhammer Ahoy (or something similar)

40k - Necromunda

- Inquisitor

Epic Games

WH - Warmaster

40k - Epic

- Battlefleet Gothic

LOTR - Battle of Five Armies.

Bloodbowl would probably get its own book, as it seems to be the most popular one.


Blood Bowl is the biggest cash-cow for Specialist Games, so I doubt it will ever go away. With free rules and easy conversion models (and loads of other companies that make miniatures for it), even if GW dump it there will still be a big fan presense.

I never played Necromunda, but I got the impression it was more of a long term thing rather than suited to one-off games. With all of the Houses and few of them being that easy to convert, it isn’t as big a prospect.

Lord Zarkov:

You sure they’re dieing?


looks like GW are about to start releasing things

Starting with: Bloodbowl


Lycos, the president of the NAF, has been talking with GW for a long time. Due to this, GW have agreed to start releasing 4-player ‘booster packs’ for Blood Bowl teams some time in the relatively near future. It has a thread about it somewhere on TalkBloodBowl. As such, I doubt Specialist Games are dying, they’re just changing.


Bloodbowl is getting more popular by all accounts where I am and teh reasons are obvious: rules are free, don’t need a ton of models to play etc…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

you can buy all the rule books on the online store and i don’t think they will kill off SG 'cos it’s still popular

zorn sabretooth:

you can’t buy the mordheim rulebook

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

you can just click SG at the top page here

zorn sabretooth:

no you can’t

Lord Zarkov:

You don’t need to: eveything in the rulebook is in the online version.

I think the reason it’s gone though is because you could only get it in the boxed set and that was removed due to the card buildings.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

no you can't

zorn sabretooth
oh mordhem no you can't


Am I insane? I don’t see any information to the effect that GW are pulling all Specialist Games and discontinuing the remaining figures. I mean, we all know that SG is on life-support, but what’s left of the ranges is still available in the online store and there’s no indication of finally pulling the plug. Would someone like to point me to where they say otherwise?


zorn sabretooth:

yeah but gw pulled blister packs for necro and bb so you can only buy the boxsets


you can buy them on the online store


Until it is off the website I wouldn’t worry too much. Necromuda was/is a cool game but much like many GW games nevr recived enough support or advertisement to push it over the top.


necromunda is by far my most favourite game system they released, though the current version of the rule book has more errors in it than is acceptable for such a large company.

ive got a few gangs from different houses, and regularly play it on weekends with some of the guys at my club.

i also like gothic, though no one plays that where i live.

i’d be disappointed to see them go, but i cant see GW axeing spec games, as they still bring in enough money to keep selling them. i just dont think that they will offer any further support than they already have provided.


I used to play both Mordheim and Necro, both amazing games and with 2 of the best miniature ranges. You’s have thought they’d make enough from Empire/Guard players alone to keep selling them in blisters.

Even if they are releasing skirmish rules for WFB,i doubt they’d include the role play/campaign elements that made games like mord/necro so enjoyable