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hi there! :hat off
i finally managed to make pictures of my army with a camera that is
not built into a cell phone - it really took quite some time!

first of all, i have to say that im more the gamer-type, not really into painting or modelling that much (that said, i really admire the fantastic work the sculpters and painters around this site are producing- you guys are really doing a great job!:cheers), i painted around a third of my army, bought painted units (thank you all!) on ebay, and had the rest painted by a good friend of mine, who also reworked some of the others…
now only the warmachines (not the crewmen :rolleyes:), the lords and the zikkurat are really “made and painted exclusively by rabotak”…just wanted to tell you

blunders and warriors

(thanks HB!)


more blunderbusses and warriors




bull centaurs


warmachines and heroes








whole army


as you can see, bos, sgs are not yet painted, and my warmachine crew is incomplete… not on the pictures are further 5 bcs, 20 wolfriders and 15

more blunderbusses…theyre still in the works

Lord Archaon:

Wow! You got a huge colection of Chaos Dwarfs. :slight_smile: How much points is there? 4000? If so You should ask admins for the Gold Medal



well i counted it up and there are about 5000 naked points on the pictures,
and about another thousand in the missing units i stated above and two dow units - ogres and rugluds
im not sure if i really deserve a medal, since theyre mostly not painted by myself


Do you intend to rebase them with all te same scheme? :smiley:

I think that if you did, you’d be worthy of that medal! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

COOL OLD SCHOOL army great paint job and i do like the orcs!!!


Pretty cool. I love seeing big Chaos Dwarf armies.

looks nervously at 4000 point gold medal


Wow the scale of your army is impressive, that is a very nice collection to be sure.

I really like how you have the different tiers for the characters and everyone, on that great scenic centrepiece, very cool – who doesn;t love lava right?


hi there sorry for the update been to switzerland the last three days…
@xander well theyre intended to get the same bases, I fear it´ll just take a couple of months but I promise I´ll be working on it… and keep you updated as soon as theyre ready :slight_smile:
@kera well, sad to say, the orks are really wonderful, but guess what… bought em on ebay… I´d never achieve such a painting skill but
i really love these oldschool orks
@vexxus yeah I know the lava thing was really predictable, but it does suit the cds very well

…btw did you all notice the cd lord on ironback boar? its my only conversion so far and I´m really proud of it :slight_smile:
(p.s. I really need an idiom for the word really, I now used it six times in this post :))


Nice oldschool army you got there, waiting for them to get based!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Really: very, much, urm… I’m sure I could think of others if I could be bothered. Still, looking good! Not sure what ya thanked me for (I assume I told you how to put the links in?)! If you wish to post them without having to add links, remove and and replace them with .


nope, i thanked you for telling me how to add pictures :slight_smile:
edit: ah thats what you meant … ok … I guess I´ll try that as soon as the rest is finished…
it much sucks being a noob :))

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah, that is what I meant, sorry :smiley: I’m not always clear. Ya needn’t try it if ya don’t wish. It’s just a personal preference :wink:

n00b implies n*bh**d, newb implies inexperienced. So, you’re a newbie because you’re pleasant enough :wink:

Kera foehunter:

lol i like your honestly Rabotak

so what did you make your fortress out of

Hashut’s Blessing:

I agree, the ziggurat does look cool. Particularly the lava falls. Did you make it the same way as described in a recent WD or did you do your own thing?


they described something in WD?
no, seriously, it was pretty easy, although i made it way more complicated than necessery…
first, i took a thin wooden board (from a picture frame produced by a major swedish furniture company), glued and screwed thick styrofoam plates to it as the lower block,
then used styrofoam parts from the package of i guess it was speaker boxes
and a vakuum-cleaner and sticked that on top to form the upper “steps” of the zikkurat… wrapped it in glued newspaper, then sprayed it with layers of glossy black spray… for the lava: first coated with wine red color from the same company as mentioned above, then at the corners lightening it through layering with blood red, blazing orange and sunburst yellow, finishing it with a can :rolleyes: of glossy varnish to give it the obsidian-kinda look …voila, you get the status quo…
im going to add some bronze ornaments as soon as i get my hands on some brazen brass, which is, as some may have noticed, now discontinued… :mad,
a ramp, some wall sections, small towers and a gate to be placed in front of the zikkurat

Kera foehunter:

You needs to put some old sorceror that turn to stone as a lamp post… With his enternal fire still burnning he can light the way at night

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds very good rabotak. Where abouts are you as I may have a pot of Brazen Brass somewhere…?


there must be one or two pots left from the ones i gave to the friend whos painting the rest of my army :smiley: … yeah, i know, i´m a lazy bstrd… but to answer the question, vienna , austria

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, find out and, if not, I’ll have a look. (I’m too lazy to find out, unless it’s strictly necessary :wink: )