[Archive] Rackham Auroch


This figure looks great for conversion to a Taurus ,i cant find it on their site

Viskar Zhragoth:

That is the Auroch that Yannick Fussier is currenlty scultping. I guess it will be a release later this eyar (looks like that one is the resin model, not a greenie.)

Qoute from the last cry havoc email I got:

CHO: What piece are you currently working on?

Yannick: The Griffin, after the Scorpion dragon, Belial and the Dusk riders. I am also working on a tigre and an auroch. The hydra is not far either�?�

We still have surprises up our sleeve�?�

Kera foehunter:

That’s so cool i have to get one !!!


Hells ya, I wants one! And then I want to strap some Balrog wings to it. Hehe.


Balrog wings, there’s already a strap for the saddle as well! Its too perfect

Hashut’s Blessing:

That is HUGE. But, it looks DAMNED cool! Now, I got to find wings that I think look big enough. Actually, what might look cool, is a pair of pairs of wings :smiley: It’s got enough space for one pair at least and that strap is going to be perfect for a saddle. Alas, it looks like it shall be fairly expensive. As soon as this comes out, somebody, PLEASE, let me know :smiley: I think I might actually buy it :smiley:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Man, the French may be lousy at football (at the moment ;)) but they sure have some of the best sculptors the world has ever seen. :hat off