[Archive] Rackham?


What do people know and think about rackham models?

would you use any of there models or would you use them in conversions? Are they of a similar size?

I saw a link to there site in another thread & had a look.

I thought the models were well sculpted but a whole different style to GW.


I use them extensively in mt CD army (as well as Reaper).

They tend to be bulkier than comparable GW figures, but they are still easily useable alongside GW equivalents.

Eventually i’ll get some pictures posted of my army :rolleyes:


Rackham and Reaper are awesome, rather pricey some times, although I would recommend them in anyone’s army.


I love the Rackham figs, some can be a bit too cartoonish at times.

Are they of a similar size?
I’ve found that the rackham figs are slightly bigger as they’re sculpted at 28mm.


Never seen or heard of em, I’ve only just started exploring other non-historical miniature firms really


Here’s a link for you agpo, their Chaos Dwarfs are tasty:



Hmm…im not convinced about the CD, but that cyclops looks cool, and those prowlers of the abbyss could be used as unorthodox BCs, they could work

Lord Darkash:

Not keen on rackham at all, the style is to cartoony for my tastes


I like the style, and love most of Rackham’s models (especially the alchemists) but I’d never use them in a GW army. First, the styles don’t match up in my opinion, rackham is a little more cartoonish and unrealistically muscular. Second, after giong through all of teh trouble of painting and converting them I wouldn’t be able to use them in an official tournament. I’ve never been in one yet, but I’m planning on it. Not to mention as a college student, I need to make sure I can play just about everything I pay for.


I’m a real big supporter of Reaper miniatures, they’re great for use in Warhammer, if you don’t play at GW.

I don’t run into Rackham much, though. I’m guessing those are seen a bit more in Europe? (They’re a French company, right?)

Here is a good size comparison between Reaper and GW Dwarves:



those prowlers of the abbyss could be used as unorthodox BCs, they could work

They're what I use as Bull Centaurs.
I'll try to get some pictures posted next week.