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Father Grumpmas:

The infamous Radovan Karadzic- on the run since 1996

The amusing Dermot Morgan aka Father Ted - “died” 1998

Very similar in appearance I think - strange how Karadzic goes on the run in 1996 then Dermot Morgan, after finishing his contractual obligations to complete the third (and final) series of “Father Ted�?�,�?� dies” 24 hours after filming is completed.

Were the Irish funnyman and the Serbian hardman the same person?

Was Karadzic/Morgan ousted from power in 1996 but forced, by legal obligations, to complete the Father Ted series before his "death’’ in 1998 and new career as a hairy faith healer (the experience of acting as a slightly mad priest would have helped in this real life role). Not completing Father Ted would have resulted in legal action that might have revealed the Karadzic/Morgan secret, hence the delay between Karadzic’s exile and Morgan’s “death”.

I say the answer is YES!

Roll on more episodes of Father Ted after the trial is complete.


Actually the guy has now been arrested and has arrived in Holland to be trialled.

All the years he’s been on the run he has changed his appearance to this (also his original appearance shown):


never would have recognized him.

I see the similarities in the first 2, however, not the same, but close Father Grumpmas :wink:

Father Grumpmas:

Damn - another half-baked conspiracy theory shot down :rolleyes:

New one - are these guys the same?


Terry Pratchett has let himself go a bit.

zorn sabretooth:


Kera foehunter:

No pa pa smurf don’t have glasses.Papa smurf is the apha male !!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, they do look very similar, but they have a different chin shape and slightly different cheek sturctures (almost imperceptibly so). As for Obsidian’s pictures, you’d think after growing a beard like that and changing how he looks so much, his eyes might look a little less dead, eh?

Also, Father Grumpmas, why did you bring the Ultramarines Primarch into this, he he he?