[Archive] Raising the profile of CDs... Fuel for the Pyre!


With the indy GT book out and Forge World Fantasy planning some CD models I’m thinking now is the time, more than ever, to keep throwing fuel on the fire and do what ever we can to keep momentum going.  I know, it’ll sound corny - but this isn’t the time to be complacent.  We’ve got our foot in the door again, so-to-speak.

To that end I have a proposition for everyone, along the lines of “think globally, act locally”:

Get some of your Chaos Dwarf units, conversions, dioramas, etc. into the shop window or display case at your local FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store).  Better still, if you think you can wrangle your way into a display case at a GW shop somehow all the better!

Of course going to tournaments is expected as well, but this is another way to raise the profile of the Dawi Zharr.

I think if a number of us would be willing to part with our army, or even some of the units, for a short time, judging by the caliber of some of the work on here others are going to notice.  I don’t suggest getting a shop to display what ever stuff you don’t mind parting with, excitedly offer that you’d be willing to put your best units or even your entire army into their shop for display.  If that scares you into doing a better job on your conversions and painting all the better too :wink:

It was very easy to convince the local FLGS here, and his display case IS the shop window.  I’m a LONG way away from having stuff ready for display, but he was keen just the same and didn’t care one bit that the models weren’t available from him (besides the Hell Cannon).

If any one of us can get an interested person to assemble and try a CD army then we’ve done well.



Leave my army in a shop window? :o I’ve heard many disaster stories of people doing that. I once saw someone knock a GW display cabinet and destroy 3 armies (the top shelf fell onto the lower one, then those 2 fell onto the ones underneath). The Skaven army at the bottom somehow survived almost unscathed however. Typical :slight_smile:

Not saying this is a common occurrence of course, but it is true that my best friend has just got his Brettonians back after leaving them in a GW store ‘for a while’. 10 years ago.

I’m happy to take them around gaming, but I would never leave them anywhere apart from my house. Apart from anything else, there’s too many chav knobheads around my local store, breaking windows and such like.


I’ve found the best way to raise the profile is to talk to other people about them, really enthusiastically. It helps of course if you look like the guy in that picture :smiley:

Fortunately the way you phrased your post is spot on; raising the profile of chaos dwarfs to get more people interested as an aim in itself. Aiming for anything else wouldn’t really work, but getting more people interested in CD is never a bad thing.


I think Lord Kitchener would make a better CD.


I'm happy to take them around gaming, but I would never leave them anywhere apart from my house. Apart from anything else, there's too many chav knobheads around my local store, breaking windows and such like.

Well, OK. So some folks local shop may not be the best place to showcase one's own personal stuff, granted.

If anyone DOES have a local shop that they're confident with showing off their work and CD army, I still think it should be considered.

And perhaps more generally, we should all be coming up with ideas to help each other promote the word of Hashut (not to exclude The Word of Hashut, which is worthy of promotion on its own).

So what ever happened to the t-shirt idea? Is there any chance of having just the iron-ons printed up and made available for events, then people can just iron it on to a t-shirt or hoodie, etc. themselves?



We could probably have a thread somewhere with downloadable images people can use, but producing T-shirts again as a forum isn’t going to happen.

I think most printers can print onto the iron on stuff?


My wallpapers thread:


You might need higher resolution pics for T-shirts. I made some for the GT, came out ok.


I think Lord Kitchener would make a better CD.

That he does, not sure what has happened to the one I made of him 8+ years ago.

Kera foehunter:

Just leave the fuel and walk away ! just walk away ( Kera does here Lord Humugas voice)

my local store is 6 hunderd miles away

but i do have some of my stuff there


I think one of the best ways is to play with CDs at your local store or gaming club, i do and i always get a good response to them and people are always asking about them and where can they get them and about the site, also if i am going on a business trip and there is a GW store near where i am going i take my CDs along a play there as well :slight_smile: