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no pics, just an idea i have:idea.��in order to save money on models, as well as create a thematic flair to my army how does this sound:

in a unit of black orcs(24 strong, maybe 22 if i throw a bull centaur character in), im going to have 18(16) black orcs, and 6 chaos dwarf slavers mixed in.��the slavers will be armed with whips and chains, and id put 2 in every rank except the first.��i would mount these on 20mm bases so i could use them in other parts of the army, but have a magnet which attaches them to a 25 mm base.��these would also appear in my normal units of chaos dwarfs “encouraging” my unit filler ogre slaves.

what do you think?

the reason i am saving money with this tactic is because im already buying 3 boxes of black orcs for my bull centaurs(im making 2 units of 12), which leaves 6 left over black orcs. i buy one more box and i have 16. add in the 6 slavers and i have 22. OR i might mix in some ogre slaves on 50mm bases as unit fillers here as well.


another idea came to me. i eventually will probably include a unit of maneaters with a brace of handguns. what if i modeled these as chaos dwarf iron golems? use the ork killa kans with twin big shootas, grind off the orky symbols, and mount on a 40mm square base?


Go with it.


alright, for my initial list here is, in one place my compiled conversion ideas and thought patterns:

Chaos Dwarf Lord of Great Taurus: Black Hammer of Hashut, Heavy Armor, Shield

use the dwarf hero from the battle for skull pass box, shave the helmet and top half of the head off, replace with skull head. dread locked beard, impressive looking hammer in place of his axe(to double purpose for dark mace of death and black hammer of hashut). the torso will be separated from the legs as best as possible, and attached to the wood elf lord’s legs(shortened of course) so he fits on the taurus(which will be made from the wood elf great stag and gargoyal wings, GS the horns to be more bullish). scale mail armor over the chain.

Chaos Dwarf Hero: BSB, Armor of Gazhrakk

will be made from a normal standard bearer more than likely with dread locked beard, a suitably large and impressive standard, skull head, etc. more emphasis will be on the standard than the BSB himself. scale mail armor.

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Scroll, Stone, Lvl 2

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Scroll, Stone, Lvl 2

these will be made from the cannon crew from the battle for skull pass box set. the one with the wrench will be a metal mage, and probably be given some sort of welding mask. dread locked beard, probably these will be the only ones with white beards. the one with the cannon ball will be holding a fireball, or face made of fire.

23 warriors: full command

these will be made from a box of warriors, and 2 ogre bulls. the bulls will have masks made from iron fists, and be carrying the rock hammers. dread locked beards will stick out from under the masks. the dwarves will have dread locked beards, skull heads, and scale mail armor where they currently have chain. 2 or 4 may have whips and chains to be slavedrivers for the ogres

14 warriors: blunderbuss

14 warriors: blunderbuss

these will be similar to the warriors, except they will be rather monotonous. 20 of them will be the skull pass thunderers, so they will be very monopose. 2 ogre leadbelchers as unit fillers with iron fists as masks, dread locked beards. the dwarfs will have screw heads or push pin heads for the blunderbuss head, and dread locked beards, scale mail armor, skull heads, etc. 2 in each squad may have whips and chains as slavedrivers for the ogres.

10 hobgoblin wolfboys

10 hobgoblin wolfboys

hobgoblins are supposed to mongolian as far as i have found. so i was thinking originally of using oglah khan’s wolfboyz, but they are expensive, metal, and have spears. mine are naked. so normal goblin wolfboys with mongolian hats i think will suffice. also debated making them fire goblins and painting the wolfs to be fire beasts.

death rocket

juggernaught with rocket ramp, chained to the ground, with orc stormboy rocket pack for a missile. khorne symbol will be ground off. not sure on the crew yet. thinking about having the rocket in mid launch.

2 hobgoblin bolt throwers

2 hobgoblin bolt throwers

these will be made from the dwarf steam drill. i will put spear tips on brass rod and have them stick out the front(or being fired). it is like a mechanical bolt thrower. not sure on crew, probably will be holding bolts for reload, and might have one be the grot from 40k holding his ears. sculpt the mongolian hats on them.

10 bull centaurs: full command

black orc/boar centaurs. not much to say here.


well, i plan to somehow convert the cannon from skull pass into this, but it will take some serious bulking up, and repositioning to be more mortar like. again not sure on the 3 crew here.

paintscheme wise im going bright armor, dark cloth. the armor i want be orange. like the pyre paintscheme from the old 40k chaos codex. possibly do an orange metallic sceme. non-metal metals or whatever they call it. black/grey cloth, black/grey or black/blue beards(except the sorcerers who will have white). the great taurus will be firey, or like cooling lava(black outer shell(green stuffed on), with orange molten between). bases will be black rock, maybe lava areas on the characters and big things. if possible id like to figure out how to do point source lighting effects from the lava.

other ideas include only the characters, ogres, and unit champions having the dread locked beards. giving the sorcerers the big hats only. maybe having one braid beards sticking out from the helmets on the black orc boar centaurs. will probably also pillage my friend’s chaos bits for weapons and chains from flails.

display base: black, scorched rock. lava stream/gyser. mountain with the great taurus on top a high cliff. lower cliff shelf housing all the war machines. 2 caves with the hobgoblin wolfboyz emmerging from them, chaos dwarf warriors and bull centaurs out in front of a giant iron passageway in the rock. maybe buy the ruined chaos temple to add flavor.


Sounds impressive ,best laid plans of mice and men;)


insinuating something?


It sounds like three quarters of your unit is going to be wysiwyg, so I can’t imagine anybody would have a problem with it.

I have CD slavemasters as unit fillers in my Hobgoblin units (which themselves are just normal Goblin figures anyway) and nobody has complained about it.


I cant plan in that much detail and use my trademark chaotic scatter plan,you know i start and see where i end up.I use a save troll for a hobbo unit filler and plan a minotaur conversion of an aspect of hashut for a cd unit .I look forward to watching your armies creation :hat