[Archive] Random Warhammer postings of the Essence


I recently picked up a Ghorgon kit from my friendly local GW.

It’s quite a large box and the figure it makes has at least an empire soldiers height advantage over a giant. Overall I certainly recommend the model. I decided to go with the Ghorgon as a creature with such a monsterous bull head must surely blessed by Hashut. I just really liked the imagery. One day I may get another one and try and model a more ‘human-like’ head with a top knot as i’ve always liked the Mortal Kombat character Goro and the Ghorgon with it’s 4 arms reminds me of him.

All in all I spent a lot of time on the model, with at least a third just deciding how to build the thing.

After many hours or random tinkering… The Butcher was birthed into the Warhammer world.

I was never a fan of the weak looking legs or the Eavy Metal human skin tone so I decided to make this guy a bit more menacing. I had initially thought of even using the Cygor head as the foot to represent the eat attack but decided against it at the last moment.

As you can hopefully see, this thing is pretty massive. Even a big hat loses it’s luster when confronted with it’s beastial presence.

I’ll update this thread periodically with other items from my collection. With this being my latest completed job I thought i’d post it. For someone interested in buying the kit or its options. Below is what was left over on the sprue after i’d made my guy.

I’ll have to do something with that magic rock… just not sure what. It’s one of the best parts of the kit. Easy to follow instructions which were a great help for me as I can get distracted with all the bits and pieces.




Never actually played with him but think the model is quite epic. I’ve broken the hammer quite a few times unfortunately