[Archive] Rare chaos knight for trade, NOW LOOKING FOR VAMPIRE COUNTS


Hi everybody, I have decided that i want to trade my unreleased chaos knight 54mm away.

I am very interested in most chaos dwarfs from 3rd edition, ecspecially tenderiser, juggernaut and whirlwind.

Picture of the model: http://www.solegends.com/citle/citle2000/staff/staffXmas2003ChaosKnight.htm

Thanks, aki :hat off


nice model, on ebay it goes for about £25 - £30, althought there are a few on the ebay shops for around £50

for the people thinking of trading for it


May trade away my rouge trader land raider as well, worth 25-30£.


I am now looking for vampire count models, any thing from their new range+ Zombies and old blood dragon vampire whit great weapon.


I have traded the knight with hashuts little helper, do not care about this post.


Sweet model, seems to be what the current range is based on. Nice!