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Hi all!

I am starting my CHD army and decided to show my progress in painting here to keep me motivated :slight_smile:

I ve just finished my first model: K’daai Destroyer. It is made from Ogres Stonehorn. I still ve to paint some details and probobly cheange front magma patterns on base.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Lovely painting. I love the magma on his back, it’s great!


Oh wow, that’s a fantastic Destroyer!

I like how it looks like he’s sat on a rock, floating in the middle of a lava pool.


Looks awesome, the whole thing does!!! Gonna follow this thread!!


Awesome … Can’t wait to see more of your army…

If you want to change front part of base … Just add a few more of the volcanic rocks to the front like the back is


Thanks for reply, great that you like it.

Rocks at the base front are an option that I am considering but it is not what I had in my mind at the beginning. Need to see some pictures how should magma look in a large open space.


His spine looks amazing. Well done.


Fantastic work!

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I’ll add my “Well-dones” to the list. keep them coming.

Glimpse the Void:

One of my very favorite Kdaiis to date.


I like the stonehorn as a base for the destroyer - and this is the best one I’ve seen of the kind.

Great job. He looks like a walking pool of lava, only hold together by the cooled crisp surface - that guys is ready to burst.


Another model to my army is ready: magma cannon. I ve decided to go with cooler magma look this time. I think I ll stay with it for the rest of the army. Hope you like it.

Now I am planning to paint my infernal guards, maybe deathshriher between them to break monotony.


Looks really good! Very nice colors and a great paint job!!


Good thing it’s got those rocks to float on, otherwise that Magma Cannon will just be magma…

Another fantastic paint job! Keep them coming! :smiley:


Good looking Destroyer! :slight_smile:


Good thing it's got those rocks to float on, otherwise that Magma Cannon will just be magma...

Yea, I ve had problem with this base becouse canon bearly fits on 100x50 base so in fact no space for magma, but I wanted it to be like rest of the army.

Here are finaly my Infernal Guards. No cmg yet, I had to return one I bought due to bad cast. Last rank need rebasing to fit properly, but first need to put cmg into the unit.
Also some shoulder pads and one shield are different becouse I ve experimented with different options.

giantsquig :

Love the rune on the shields. Can we get a close up of one? I was thinking about doing something similar.


Those runes look fantastic. Really cool looking against the beaten up metal.


I agree, the runes look amazing!! Like the colors you have used also, the unit looks very nice indeed !!!


Thanks. Runes are painted very simple. First orange rune, wider than expected final result ( I use GW troll slayer orange) then red wash ( diluted vallejo carmine red) a bit over the rune edges, again orange - final shape, then yellow (vallejo deep yellow) inside orange, finaly white highlights here and there. First I used 50:50 mixes of orange/yellow and yellow/white in beetween layer but skipped it , since on such small object the effect is quite similar.
Hope you ll undearstand my guide :slight_smile:

I ll add some photos, now photobucket got some maintenance works.