[Archive] Reading through GT army book


I’m reading through the GT army book and giggly-happy with excitement about the army for the first time in years. Can’t wait to try out some of the new units and start modelling them!

That and Astragoth and Gorduz “Lucky” Bastabba are both back which makes me a happy halfling.

Is there a thread where people have model suggestions for the new stuff?


nothing specific that I know of… I know that people either use the old tenderizer or whirlwind for daemoneaters. and even converted doomwheels. as for Inferno Golems… Mega-Armoured Nobz with minor conversion is the most common… though there is a possibility with Killa Kans


What I was thinking for the golems was taking some minotuars (not the new crappy ones!) and “steam-punking” them up…


Have a look to the " The Specialist Games Gallery Thread"! :smiley:

There you can find some suggestions! :wink: