[Archive] Ready to start cracking on CD again


Though I’m frustrated as my CD army doesn’t hold a candle to my most recent army (WoC)… so I’ll have to repaint a lot of my old stuff. Though I’ll probably mix in old big hats too, which will help convey my being an older player too.

Some of my old models can easily tansfer (bull centaurs, warmachines).

Have you had people complaining about using your old warmachines (IE Earthshakers and conversions on those) much?

Now to decide to repaint classic Earthshakers, rock my converted one, or use my converted one for a magma cannon somehow. Ugh, decisions.


Good to see you back, mate :slight_smile:

Have you had people complaining about using your old warmachines (IE Earthshakers and conversions on those) much?
I use my converted Organ Guns as Deathshriekers. No one has complained yet. I think as long as they look cool, no one will fuss too much.


The old warmachines are pretty small, but you have to remember that the Forgeworld models have the Steam Carriage modelled on them. So to me that explains the size difference. Also with true line of sight the smaller warmachines can also be a disadvantage.

Looking forward to seeing your updated army! :slight_smile:


Welcome back, yo! :smiley:

Mad Dave:

Id say 90% of my chaos Dwarf army is the old Big hat Style. the club i play at love seeing them and don’t mind its something different. a fair few of the people who attend my club are youngsters 10-16 and its fun to watch their faces when i say some of my miniatures are older then them.


I had sent FW an email asking them for permission to use the old Chaos Dwarf warmachine models for the ‘un-carriaged’ version, until they release such a version themselves:

From: Forge World (UK)
Sent: 21 March 2012 12:22
Subject: Re: Chaos Dwarf Queries

Hi there.

Please find the answers to your questions below:

1. You are welcome to use the older models of the Chaos Dwarf artillery pieces as the un-mounted versions.


@KramDratta: Awesome! Thank you for that. I may e-mail them myself so I can have a copy to show. As, that seems like the easiest explanation: they don’t have the steam carriage.

Though I really do love the Iron Daemon War Engine model A LOT.

-quick edit-

I’ll probably redo my Chaos Dwarfs, but slowly supplement and replace them with the new sculpts… as they really ARE amazing sculpts.

Though I will keep some of my old stuff, just because I like having them in there. May keep the big hat block I have for use as the special troops, if I ever feel inclined to field those.


Old models have always been legal to represent newer warmachines, you cant force people to keep buying new stuff. (but GW probably would if they could).

And have fun repainting and dont forget to make many pictures.


In my last game I used two Death Rockets together with 3 crew to represent the DeathShrieker and its two types of ammo