[Archive] Realm of chaos and Heresy miniatures for sale


Hi, after the discussion about the Realm of Chaos books I decided to sell mine. I have also got some of the gorgeous minis from Heresy for sale. All you guys who missed out on buying before their price increased now have the chance to get these for 50% of RRP!

Get em whilst they’re hot.

Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (good condition, slight corner wear, one 'eavy metal page loose) - £50

3 x Heresy snow trolls/yetis - £14 each

Netherlord 2 (with full metal base) £40

More items to come. Let me know if anything grabs your interest.


Nice, but pics plz :slight_smile:


sure, which are you interested in?



last page where someone has filled in the army sheet.

Netherlord 2, needs putting back together, partially painted. Is metal of course so could be stripped.


Book sold pending payment.