[Archive] reams of chaos and liber chaotica


$95.00 Dollars US, that is crazy pricing there!

I think I got $150.00 Dollars US for Lost and the Damned when I sold it, so it could be worse.

That is about right for Lost and the Damned. Slaves no way, Lost yes. Still think that both are waayy over-priced right now.


I guess expense is a relative concept.��What you and I consider a lot of money for the Realms of Chaos books is probably just a drop in the bucket for some people.


I agree I could pay that price and as much as I like GW products there is no way I’m forking over that much cash for a book I could get for $5.00 at a yard sale should I get lucky.

Pyro Stick:


Slaves to Darkness. �26.Good Condition


just got the 1st realm of chaos book