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I saw these guys on Ebay and was wondering if its fishy due the the comment that they are smaller than other GW figures :-p



It certainly does sound a bit fishy.

They are smaller than the GW big hat chaos dwarfs.
They ARE GW big hat chaos dwarfs…? Or are they…


They are smaller than the GW big hat chaos dwarfs.
I think they look OK. I know it's hard to judge fully from small photos, but there isn't anything that immediately betrays them as recasts.

The seller is correct, however, the CD-A and CD-B mail order Chaos Dwarfs that are shown really are smaller than the plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors or the big hat metal ones... but I don't think in-and-of-itself that the comment is any indication that they're recasts.



its hard to tell.

but remember you are protected via paypal if they turn out to be fake, and it’s allot easier to tell in person.

-> plus you might get to keep them!


Yeah I just read about a guy on BT that got hosed on ebay for similar stuff, i felt bad for him. I’ll keep an eye on them though. Just in case I ever need another 15-20 figures for an 8th edition horde!


They ‘look’ okay to me to be honest. Those models if I recall do look slightly shorter than a standard lead big hat warrior because of the pose. Like Nitro said you are protected by paypal too ?